What "New" iPad?
Don Scansen posted on October 24, 2012 | 2878 views

It's pretty rare to find fault with Apple's marketing juggernaut, but you had to know that calling the last (A5X-based) iPad the "New" iPad was going to be a problem at some point. Even the nay-sayers might have thought it would stay new more than half a year (221 days says Wikipedia).
It can't be easy for Apple re-sellers to keep up. Bundle with today's local paper, there was a Staples flyer advertising the "New iPad." I'm sorry that's the now discontinued iPad according to the Apple web-site. Anyway, it seems Apple has corrected the terminology. The A6X-based iPad will not be called the new-new or any such confusion. It is the "iPad with Retina display." Hold on, the discontinued New iPad (3rd generation A5X-based) had Retina.

Confused again?

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