iPad Mini / iPod Maxi
Don Scansen posted on October 23, 2012 |

The Apple online store is closed in preparation for the announcement this morning (thanks again Twitter). With all the rumors about a new, smaller iPad, there may be few surprised. I expect a few other product line refreshes too.

I hope for a few surprises on the guts side, but that may have to wait for product to show up on shelves. If the new iPad actually rolls today, that would be great because we will have iFixit photos by the end of the day. Barring actual iPad availability beyond keynote slides, we may have to depend an Apple to let us know details of the processor. Judging by recent Apple events, we should get quite a bit of information regardless of when the iPad mini starts shipping.

I'm looking forward to one more option in the portable touch computing space. After spending some time with the iPhone 5, considering upgrading my MacBook pro with an SSD, not to mention upcoming the Microsoft Surface announement this week plus myriad Android choices, it will finally be time to make a move.

But I most look forward to another chapter in the Apple semiconductor story as we attempt to unravel its mysteries laid open in the last edition - the A6.

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