Smash Your Computer (Try at Least)
Don Scansen posted on October 22, 2012 |

Here is another random sighting of possible interest to electronics aficionados and the broader field of product design.

First, the ultimate backpack for laptops put through its paces. It's cool gear, but certainly not cheap, retailing for $300. My three-year-old MacBook Pro is still worth more to me than that, but possible not a gerat deal more on the open market. If you love your laptop, and keep all your eggs in one basket, it might be worth the investmentif you say, trail ride to work, or engage in Jason Bourne type action sequences euring your daily commute.

Of course, even this type fo protection for your too much loved laptop or tablet is no replacement for backing up data and keeping it secure. I probably lean more to the cheap, throwaway access point for my data and keep my data safe. That option would mean a but of bubble wrap and styrofoam in concert with a few chip Ziploc bags to keep out moisture. Easier with a USB external drive but not impossible for your whole machine (especially ulatraportable or tablet).

Still, I love people tossing stuff of bridges or buildings. It takes me back to the old Letterman days.

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