iPhone 5- No More Guessing (Almost)
Don Scansen posted on September 21, 2012 |
iPhone 5 is here...well in there after I finish polishing the floor with my butt outside the Apple S...
Before you say it, I agree with you. I must be nuts. Right now, I'm in probably a three hour line at a suburban mall for the privilege of receiving a shiny new iPhone 5. Estimated wait times were given by Apple Store staff as "about two hours" when I arrived. But that appears to be growing even as I move up the line.

You see, there are caveats as I sit on the cold, hard tile floor sliding my MacBook Pro along as the line creeps and snakes through the centre of Bayshore mall. Apple wants us in the cattle line in full view for maximum effect. At least that's how I feel. You see, you have to be in or engage in one of our infamous Canadian cell phone carrier contracts in order to be one of the privileged few to receive an iPhone. Eventually, unlocked phones will be available. No one could tell me when.

And at least one of our wonderful network companies did not prepare for the demand. It appears that activations may be grinding to a near halt as the whole country wakes up and queues up for some new technology candy. Am I bitter? If not now, I expect soon. I use a lot of Apple products from iPhone to computers, and I like them. I appreciate what they bring to the game despite the naysayers who can only look at the component list and say how various products lag Samsung or Nokia or whoever. It's always about more than the BOM or the sum of the parts with Apple.

That said, we are all about the guts behind those gadgets here at Electronics. For all this pain and complaining, it will be worth the wait to actually see what the phone can do. And then, see how it's put together. And yet again, look inside the chips to hopefully put to rest the rampant speculation out there. Maybe after Paul and Tim and I have a look at the hardware, I will get a well-earned massage.

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