iPhone 5 - The Apple One
Don Scansen posted on September 11, 2012 |
The launch of Apple's newest edition of its smartphone platform is nearly, but not quite upon us. What is upon us, crushing us in fact, are the technology analysts, bloggers and pundits hitting us with wave after wave of speculation of what the future holds. I have to think that somewhere listening to all this chatter, a Steve might run into a Doris, and request this...

It's one thing when blog after blog repeats rumors from (often dubious) sources that are eventually nearly impossible to trace. It's another when these bloggers are interviewed and counted on for opinions and (worst of all) predictions that they are surely basing simply on rumor sites they've read. 

Sorry for the rant. Let's think about this more rationally. Can we really expect people who know nothing of the Apple business and marketing plan (only key Apple staff will) for a new product to be able to then predict what components that product will comprise? Predictions are based on the past and feeble attempts to extrapolate historic trends into the future.

It's ironic to try that today if you look back to the run up to and launch of the original iPhone. The kinder folks said it was crazy. Apple would never get into the phone business. The more confident pundits claimed Apple could never take market share from the heavyweights of the day - Nokia and RIM - and any attempt to enter the space would end in a dismal failure. I think you know how that played out.

Until the actual Cook/Schiller/Forstal announcement, we really have to wait. At that moment, Doris might give way to Bonnie because it is then and only then that they will have given us something to talk about.

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