Tektronix Updates Its Line of Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
Vincent Charbonneau posted on May 05, 2020 |
The TBS2000B offers 200MHz bandwidth, 5M point record length and more.
Tektronix’s new TBS2000B series oscilloscope. (Image courtesy of Tektronix.)
Tektronix’s new TBS2000B series oscilloscope. (Image courtesy of Tektronix.)

Tektronix has unveiled the TBS2000B series, an update to its TBS2000 series of digital storage oscilloscopes. The TBS2000B series comes with many baseline upgrades and improvements compared to its predecessor, such as increasing the bandwidth performance to 200MHz with a 2GS/s maximum sample rate.

According to Tektronix, the TBS2000B series is well-suited for hands-on learning with built-in instruction features suited for educators and students. The “HelpEverywhere” feature, for instance, provides tips within main menus, including measurement information, application tips and general guidance in the form of text and graphics. Further more, the TekSmart Lab network software allows instructors to set up and monitor many instruments from one PC while the TBS2000B’s Courseware ecosystem lets teachers load information into the devices to help students during labs.

(Image courtesy of Tektronix.)
(Image courtesy of Tektronix.)

Additional features of the TBS2000B series of oscilloscopes include a lower-noise front-end design that gives better signal integrity and more accurate measurements; on-waveform cursor readouts with search and mark systems to identify events that occur in the acquired waveform; a field-upgradeable bandwidth from 70MHz to 100MHz and 200MHz; and Wi-Fi support (via USB Wi-Fi dongle), two USB host ports and 100-BaseT ethernet to support collaboration with other users.

The TBS2000B also has Tektronix’s TekVPI probe interface, which supports a range of active, differential and current probes with automatic scaling and units.

Even with all these additions, new and current users alike don’t need to worry about compatibility issues between the TBS2000 and 2000B series. Tektronix has stated that its new oscilloscope series is completely compatible with existing designs due to the TBS2000B having the same form factor and programmable interface as the earlier model.

The TBS2000B series is available worldwide and comes with a five-year warranty that covers accidental damage. For detailed schematics and other info, check out Tektronix’s website.

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