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Sharna Jahangir posted on April 02, 2020 |
Stay current while on the go. Download the mobile app now on the Apple App store or Google Play.

The app brings you the latest insights and trends that our website delivers optimized for the mobile experience. It features intuitive and customizable categories, timely and relevant stories through articles and videos, and a rich set of features to engage with us and our stories. is the world’s trusted source for engineering content and a superb reference source for the engineering professional. A global online publisher and discussion forum for problem solving, tech news, innovations and resources, with a simple mission to inspire engineering minds to be and do better. In 2017, created ProjectBoard, a platform to discover, develop and share projects.

Offering links to our Official LinkedIn for; a global community for engineering minds to share stories and solve problems, big and small! As well as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Connect with engineers and innovators from around with globe. Explore and participate in thousands of engineering stories and topics that matter to you. Contribute to any story with comments, images, whiteboards and links in our community groups.

Some features included on the mobile app:

·        Create and customize a personal news feed

·        Easily contribute to stories with comments and suggestions 

·        Streamline user interface

·        Bookmark articles to read later

·        Curate your homepage, see the stories you care about first!

·        Join our Community Chat

Stay current while on the go. Download from the App Store or Google Play now.

Available on Android and iOS.

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