New USB-C Controllers Aim to Improve Next-Gen PCs and Notebooks
Vincent Charbonneau posted on March 05, 2020 |
Cypress has revealed new details and specifications for its upcoming USB-C controllers.
The new Cypress EZ-PD CCG6DF and CCG6SF USB-C controllers. (Image courtesy of Cypress Semiconductor.)
The new Cypress EZ-PD CCG6DF and CCG6SF USB-C controllers. (Image courtesy of Cypress Semiconductor.)

Cypress Semiconductor announced its latest series of USB-C controllers: the EZ-PD CCG6DF and CCG6SF. These dual- and single-port USB-C controllers have a smaller size and lower cost to help shrink the design footprint of USB-enabled devices. The company’sEZ-PD controllers also support the USB4 standard as well as the Intel Thunderbolt platforms.

The adoption of the USB-C standard is growing across the world as an increasing number of manufacturers incorporate the technology into their lines of devices and accessories. There are several reasons for this trend, notably USB-C’s ability to simultaneously power devices and transmit data using the same cable and reversible connector.

The EZ-PD CCG6DF and CCG6SF include multiple new features like a VBUS provider path load switch for power with fault protection and an embedded 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 processor with 64-KB flash. This processor enhances programmability and enables firmware upgrades to support USB4, which improves the data transfer rate to 40Gb/s and allows simultaneous support of USB 3.2, DisplayPort and PCIe.

USB-C powers devices up to 100W and provides the consolidation of different interfaces on the same port.

“As the leading supplier of USB-C controller solutions, our deep system-level understanding allows us to continue to provide highly integrated solutions that maximize value for ourcustomers,” said Ajay Srikrishna, vice president of Cypress’ Wired Connectivity Business Unit. “Cypress’ latest CCG6DF and CCG6SF controllers provide the performance, programmability, and field-proven USB Power Delivery features needed by makers of notebooks, desktops, and all-in-one PCs.”

The CCG6DF and CCG6SF controllers are now sampling to OEMs and will be in volume production beginning in Q3 2020. They are available in configurations including 96-pin BGA and 48-pin QFN packages.

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