Silicon Labs Announces New Low-Power SoCs for IoT
Michael Alba posted on February 21, 2020 |
The EFR32FG22 SoCs are designed for power- and size-constrained IoT devices.
The EFR32FG22 Wireless Gecko starter kit will be available in March. (Image courtesy of Silicon Labs.)
The EFR32FG22 Wireless Gecko starter kit will be available in March. (Image courtesy of Silicon Labs.)

Semiconductor company Silicon Labs has announced a new family of wireless system-on-chip (SoC) devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). The EFR32FG22 series, part of Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko Series 2 platform, targets IoT applications, including electronic shelf labels (ESL), industrial automation, building security, and custom commercial lighting modules.

The EFR32FG22 devices include a 38.4MHz Arm Cortex-M33 core, up to 512kB of flash program memory, up to 32kB of RAM, and a 2.4GHz wireless radio with a transmit power up to 6dBm and receive sensitivity as low as–106.4dBm(at 250 kbps O-QPSK DSSS). Designed for power-constrained IoT devices, the EFR32FG22 SoCs operate with aradio receive current of 2.5mA and a radio transmit current of 3.4mA/7.5mA (0dBm/6dBm output). The full system’s receive/transmit current is slightly higher: 3.6mA (1 Mbps GFSK) and 4.1mA/8.2mA (0dBm/6dBm), respectively. The SoCs draw 1.2µA in DeepSleep mode.

Silicon Labs plans to begin shipping the EFR32FG22 SoCs in March 2020. There will be two package options: 5x5mm QFN40 and 4x4mm QFN32. The company will also ship an EFR32FG22 SoC starter kit, which will be available for $99.

“IoT developers deploy custom wireless protocols in multiple applications to radically optimize their systems for high performance and low power consumption,” said Silicon Labs’ Ross Sabolcik. “We designed our FG22 product family to help customers quickly deliver optimized, cost-effective solutions based on our latest Series 2 wireless SoCs for demanding applications like ESL.”

For more information about the EFR32FG22 SoCs, view the full product specs at Silicon Labs.

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