Schneider Electric Launches Upgraded Power Meter
Vincent Charbonneau posted on February 06, 2020 |
The ION9000T includes new capabilities designed to protect against critical outages.

Schneider Electric has expanded its PowerLogic line of power meters with the launch of the ION9000T. Part of the EcoStruxture Power platform—an IoT-enabled system architecture that emphasizes safety, reliability and connectivity—the ION9000T includes transient capture capabilities that can help facilities avoid critical outages, equipment damage, and operation interruptions and irregularities.

Transient voltages are difficult to detect and are capable of causing damage to important electrical systems. Industrial facilities are particularly vulnerable to such changes, as they can experience many transient voltages every hour, with voltage impulses exceeding five to ten times the nominal voltage levels. Protecting connected systems from exposure to transient voltages is therefore important for maintaining at-risk equipment.

The ION9000T power meter. (Image courtesy of Schneider Electric.)
The ION9000T power meter. (Image courtesy of Schneider Electric.)

The ION9000T includes a power event analysis feature that automatically correlates related trends, events and waveforms based on time and type of incident, saving time and providing useful insights with pre- and post-incident data.

Additionally, the device has Class 0.1S accuracy and an onboard power quality analysis that provides informationcompliant with IEC61000-4-30 (Ed.3 Class A), IEC62586-1 and IEC62586-2, as well as extended waveform capture.

According to Alexis Grenon, senior vice president of Power Solutions for Schneider Electric, “The ION9000 is a big part of our answer to the new energy future. The rapid change in the energy industry will continue, and any power system that is unable to adapt—for example, to any new standards, protocols, or certifications that will come in the future—may face obsolescence in as little as five years.”

Grenon also added that the ION9000T “provides the future-proof adaptability that modern power networks need. It offers a highly customizable platform together with a new industry benchmark for accuracy, as well as a complete power quality analysis tool right out of the box so it can quickly identify and help solve system power events.”

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