TE Connectivity Acquires Silicon Microstructures
Jakub R. Stach posted on October 01, 2019 |
Silicon Microstructures specializes in pressure-sensing technology with applications in medical, automotive, industrial, HVAC and consumer product industries. (Image courtesy of Silicon Microstructures Inc.)
SMI's Ultra-Low Gauge Pressure Sensor measuring airflow in respiratory medical equipment. (Image courtesy of Silicon Microstructures Inc.)

TE Connectivity, a provider of sensor and connectivity technology, has acquired medical sensor developer Silicon Microstructures. TE Connectivity expects the acquisition to expand its market share in integrated sensor products for medical, transportation and industrial applications.

Silicon Microstructures specializes in developing microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for small-scale pressure and flow sensors. Its products include medical sensors for in vivo pressure measurement, as well as sensors for automotive, industrial, HVAC and consumer products.

“Silicon Microstructures’ MEMS pressure sensing design and manufacturing capability is utilized in various applications requiring miniature design and high-performance packaging,”said TE’s John Mitchell. “The MEMS low-pressure sensing capability compliments TE’s pressure offering while strategically aligning to its market and application focus.”

To learn more about MEMS technology and Silicon Microstructures, read MEMS: The World's Smallest, Fastest, Most Reliable Mechanical Switch.

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