EW – Design Edition – Cadence Verification IP, SnapEDA Optoelectronic Design and More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on July 08, 2019 |
New products from Cadence, Imagination Technologies, National Instrument, SILVACO and SnapEDA.

Cadence Verification IP

DisplayPort 2.0. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)
DisplayPort 2.0. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)

Cadence has announced the availability of a Verification IP (VIP) in support of the new DisplayPort 2.0 standard. The company’s VIP for DisplayPort 2.0 allows designers to quickly complete the functional verification of their mobile, Audio-Visual and AR/VR system-on-chip (SoC) designs with less effort and greater assurance that the design will operate as expected.

For more information, visit Cadence’s website.

Imagination Neural Network Integration

DesignShare platform. (Image courtesy of SiFive.)
DesignShare platform. (Image courtesy of SiFive.)

Imagination Technologies has joined SiFive’s DesignShare ecosystem, giving system designers access to its PowerVR GPU and neural network accelerator (NNA) IP cores. The PowerVR GPU will be the first GPU supporting the Vulkan applications programming interface (API) available via the DesignShare ecosystem.

DesignShare reduces the upfront costs of acquiring IP for SoC prototyping. The PowerVR software has been designed to work with all processor architectures, including the open-standard RISC-V that is at the heart of the SiFive DesignShare ecosystem.

For more information, visit Imagination’s website.

NI Distributed Measurement Software

SystemLink software. (Image courtesy of National Instruments.)
SystemLink software. (Image courtesy of National Instruments.)

National Instruments (NI) has launched the latest version of its SystemLink software. SystemLink helps engineers improve operational efficiency by offering a single interface to set up and manage software, tests and assets across multiple facilities and test benches. 

This release of SystemLink includes the SystemLink Asset Module. This additional module allows users to centrally track and manage test assets including usage information and calibration data along with a new dashboard view that provides quick scans of relevant insights, such as connection history and calibration forecast.

For more information, visit NI’s website.

SILVACO Design Systems

Analog Custom Design tool suite. (Image courtesy of SILVACO.)
Analog Custom Design tool suite. (Image courtesy of SILVACO.)

SILVACO will showcase its suite of design systems at this year’s ES Design / SEMICON West. The company’s Analog Custom Design tool suite, for instance, integrates ClioSoft’s SOS7 design management and multi-site team collaboration software for those who use Silvaco’s Gateway schematic editor and Expert hierarchical IC layout editor to develop analog and mixed-signal designs for process nodes down to 5nm.

For more information, visit SILVACO’s website.

SnapEDA Optoelectronic Design

Osram photointerrupter symbol and footprint. (Image courtesy of SnapEDA.)
Osram photointerrupter symbol and footprint. (Image courtesy of SnapEDA.)

SnapEDA has stated that Osram is releasing its entire collection of photodiodes, phototransistors, laser diodes and infrared emitters onto SnapEDA’s website.

Traditionally, engineers have spent many hours creating digital models for each component in their designs. With this collaboration, users can now drag-and-drop Osram components into their designs, saving time and allowing them to focus on maintaining the production schedule.

Supported electronic design formats include Cadence OrCAD, Allegro, Altium, Eagle, KiCad, PCB123, Proteus and Mentor Graphics PADS. The PCB footprints have been created based on Osram’s recommended land patterns or IPC-7351B standards when applicable.

For more information, visit SnapEDA’s website.

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