EW – Assembly Edition – Dymax Conformal Coating Research, Littelfuse Diode Array & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on July 03, 2019 |
New products from Amphenol, Dymax, Littelfuse, Master Bond and SCHUNK.

Amphenol Three-Phase and Control Power Connectivity

PowerBOSS M29 connectors. (Image courtesy of Amphenol.)
PowerBOSS M29 connectors. (Image courtesy of Amphenol.)

Amphenol has announced a range of factory molded three-phase and control power industrial connectors: the PowerBOSS M29 25A/29A 600V connectors. These devices are suited for the quick connection of distributed motor controllers—industrial automation applications in which power requirements are exposed to long-term physical stresses and subjected to liquids or oils.

The connectors provide an alternative to “hard-wiring,” ensuring consistent, low-resistance connection points that reduce downtime and increase safety.

For more information, visit Amphenol’s website.

Dymax Conformal Coating Research

Conformal coating. (Image courtesy of Dymax.)
Conformal coating. (Image courtesy of Dymax.)

At this year’s International Conference for Electronics Enabling in Ontario, Canada, Dymax presented its recent research concerning conformal coatings. Dr. Aysegul Kascatan Nebioglu’s technical presentation, High-Performance Light and Moisture Dual Curable Automotive Conformal Coating, was part of the Ruggedization and Conformal Coating session.

Dr. Nebioglu discussed the development of a 100 percent solid light and moisture-curable conformal coating and compared the performance of this material to other light-curable materials, as well as other chemistry types of conformal coatings in reliability tests such as heat and humidity resistance.

For more information, visit Dymax’s website.

Littelfuse Diode Array

SP1333 TVS diode array. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)
SP1333 TVS diode array. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)

Littelfuse launched a series of bidirectional TVS diode arrays designed to protect consumer and wearable electronics from damaging ESD-generating events. The SP1333-01UTG has a breakdown voltage of 3.3Vand incorporates back-to-back diodes fabricated using silicon avalanche technology.

This back-to-back configuration provides symmetrical data line protection from ESDs up to ±30kV, safely absorbing repetitive ESD strikes without performance degradation. Low clamping voltages allow the SP1333 Series to tolerate surges>5A, extending the operating life of the electronics they protect.

For more information, visit Littelfuse’s website.

Master Bond Low Viscosity Epoxy System

EP88FL epoxy. (Image courtesy of Master Bond.)
EP88FL epoxy. (Image courtesy of Master Bond.)

Master Bond developed its two compound EP88FL epoxy, a flexible, optically clear compound formulated for bonding, coating, sealing, potting and encapsulation. EP88FL withstands thermal cycling and shock and is suited for applications where stress relief is needed. This epoxy has a tensile modulus ranging from 10,000 psi to 20,000 psi. It provides an elongation of 30-50 percent while bonding well to various substrates such as metals, ceramics, plastics and glass.

For more information, visit Master Bond’s website.

SCHUNK 6-axis Compensating Unit

AGE-U universal balancing unit. (Image courtesy of SCHUNK.)
AGE-U universal balancing unit. (Image courtesy of SCHUNK.)

SCHUNK has introduced its AGE-U universal balancing unit for bin-picking operations. The AGE-U’s design combines angled, lateral and rotary compensation and applies sensor detection once deflection takes place. For example, when bin picking, ferromagnetic blanks can be picked up by a magnetic gripper without having to detect their exact position or orientation.

Instead, all that is needed is an approximate localization, using equipment such as a 2D scanner, which decreases hardware and software costs, as well as the programming effort.

For more information, visit SCHUNK’s website.

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