EW – Production Edition – CUI Audio Jack Connectors, SCREEN Glass Substrate Production & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on April 24, 2019 |
New products from Applied Materials, CUI, Hitachi, Nordson and SCREEN.

AM Imaging Technology for Process Development

Defect detection via eBeam imaging technology. (Image courtesy of Applied Materials.)
Defect detection via eBeam imaging technology. (Image courtesy of Applied Materials.)

Applied Materials (AM) has released its eBeam imaging technology. eBeam can detect, image and measure critical defects buried within multiple layers of films. Called back-scattered electron imaging, eBeam is suited for metrology, inspection and review applications.

Defects and contamination on the wafer can slow process development times and limit performance and yield. As chips get more complex, more defects can become buried within the increasing number of layers in the design. Finding and analyzing these buried defects is a challenge for the industry, especially during the early learning cycles of new manufacturing processes.

For more information, visit AM’s website.

CUI Audio Jack Connectors

Waterproof audio jack connectors. (Image courtesy of CUI.)
Waterproof audio jack connectors. (Image courtesy of CUI.)

CUI has announced its waterproof audio jack connectors with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings of IP67. The audio jacks are available in surface mount, mid mount SMT and through hole mounting styles, and feature right-angle orientations, 4 conductors and conformance to the 3.5 mm audio standard.

With compact form factors and profiles of 5.3 mm, these waterproof audio jacks can help designers create a sealed barrier between their device and the environmental contaminants often encountered in consumer electronics, mobile and industrial applications.

For more information, visit CUI’s website.

Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscopes

SU3800 microscope. (Image courtesy of Hitachi.)
SU3800 microscope. (Image courtesy of Hitachi.)

Hitachi has introduced the SU3800 and SU3900 scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), which feature the ability to accommodate large specimens, and include functionality for automated measurement and wide-angle camera navigation.

The SU3900 includes a specimen chamber/stage configuration with the ability to accommodate a 300 mm sample diameter and loading capacity up to 5 kg. This allows for the observation of large samples without the need to cut or process prior to imaging.

For more information, visit Hitachi’s website.

Nordson Wisdom Platform

Wisdom platform. (Image courtesy of Nordson.)
Wisdom platform. (Image courtesy of Nordson.)

Nordson has launched its Wisdom smart connected platform. The Wisdom platform combines the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 with the company’s hardware, controls and field support to help users improve their manufacturing process and develop better end products.

The Wisdom platform also helps users when ordering spare parts, provides a direct link to Nordson University training and technical documentation and provides information regarding new product launches.

For more information, visit Nordson’s website.

SCREEN Glass Substrate Production

SK-3033G system. (Image courtesy of SCREEN.)
SK-3033G system. (Image courtesy of SCREEN.)

SCREEN has updated its SK-3033G coater/developer, which is designed for precision processing of 10.5 generation glass substrates (2,940 x 3,370 mm). The SK-3033G incorporates a Levicoater coating system that transfers substrates by levitating them on air. It allows the creation of an integrated production line from cleaning to developing, increasing the overall efficiency of the process.

For more information, visit SCREEN’s website.

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