EW – Testing Edition – AMETEK Force Tester, R&S Spectrum Analyzer and More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on April 17, 2019 |
New products from AMETEK, Hioki, Keysight Technologies, PROMAX and Rohde & Schwarz.

AMETEK Force Tester

Chatillion TCM Series force tester. (Image courtesy of AMETEK.)
Chatillion TCM Series force tester. (Image courtesy of AMETEK.)

AMETEK has introduced its Chatillon TCM Series of force testers. The TCM100 is suitable for low capacity testing up to 500 N whereas the TCM350 can be utilized for testing samples at a capacity of up to 1500 N.

Both force testers feature a standard crosshead travel of 406 mm and are available in extended editions with a crosshead travel of 812 mm. A throat depth at a full 100 mm allows the operator to perform force tests including tension, compression, bending, peeling, adhesion, insertion and extraction on samples up to 200 mm.

For more information, visit AMETEK’s website.

Hioki Power Quality Analyzer

PQ3198 analyzer. (Image courtesy of Hioki.)
PQ3198 analyzer. (Image courtesy of Hioki.)

Hioki has launched its PQ3198 power quality analyzer. The device makes it easier to record and analyze power supply issues, including by eliminating the need for a dedicated sensor power supply and by enabling power and efficiency measurement of two circuits.

In addition, whereas the previous model (the PW3198) was able to record a maximum of 1000 events, the PQ3198 boosts that number to 9999. Further, it can record continuously for up to 366 days based on repeat recording settings.

For more information, visit Hioki’s website.

Keysight Real Time Scan Capabilities

N9048B PXE EMI Receiver. (Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies.)
N9048B PXE EMI Receiver. (Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies.)

Keysight Technologies has announced the addition of Time Domain Scan (TDS) and Real Time Scan (RTS) capabilities to its N9048B PXE Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) receiver. This provides real time measurements and diagnostics for faster electromagnetic compliance (EMC) certification.

EMC testing requires detailed and exacting methodologies to ensure that all emissions are accurately measured. Long test times impact test facility availability and reduce the number of devices that can be certified. The N9048B PXE helps alleviate these issues.

For more information, visit Keysight’s website.

PROMAX Coaxial Wiring Verification

RP-080 test signal generator. (Image courtesy of PROMAX.)
RP-080 test signal generator. (Image courtesy of PROMAX.)

PROMAX has developed the RP-080 test signal generator, with which satellite receivers and coaxial cables of buildings can be checked. It generates up to 4 independent pilot carriers with selectable level (from 75 to 105 dBµV).

The RP-080 can be powered via RF. Therefore, the field strength meter itself can be used to supply the device while it is used to check the proper reception of the pilot signals. It also can be connected to an external AC adaptor.

For more information, visit PROMAX’s website.

R&S Spectrum Analyzer

FSVA3000 spectrum analyzer. (Image courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz.)
FSVA3000 spectrum analyzer. (Image courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz.)

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) has released a signal and spectrum analyzer family, with different frequency models covering up to 44 GHz. The FSV3000 is designed to help users set up complex measurements in a rapid and user friendly fashion. With its elevated measurement speed, it can be used in labs and production lines. The FSV3000 provides up to 200 MHz analysis bandwidth – enough to capture and analyze, for example, two 5G NR carriers at once.

For more information, visit R&S’ website.

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