Electronics Weekly – Analog Devices Audio Module Platform, TI Ethernet PHYs & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on March 01, 2019 |
New products from Analog Devices, Cypress Semiconductor, Microsemi, Synopsys and Texas Instruments.

Analog Devices Audio Module Platform

SHARC audio module. (Image courtesy of Analog Devices.)
SHARC audio module. (Image courtesy of Analog Devices.)

Analog Devices has announced its SHARC Audio Module (ADZS-SC589-MINI), a hardware/software platform that facilitates product prototyping, development and production of a variety of digital audio devices.

Providing a combination of improved audio signal processing components and a detailed software development environment, the SHARC Audio Module is suited for effects processors, multi-channel audio systems, MIDI synthesizers and other DSP-based audio projects.

For more information, visit Analog Devices’ website.

Cypress USB Power Delivery

EZ-PD BCR power delivery system. (Image courtesy of Cypress Semiconductor.)
EZ-PD BCR power delivery system. (Image courtesy of Cypress Semiconductor.)

Cypress Semiconductor has launched a USB-C Power Delivery (PD) system designed to reduce the e-waste resulting from the estimated one million tons of power adapters produced per year. The EZ-PD Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) has the potential to replace the myriad of barrel connectors currently utilized in power adapters.

USB-C connectors with USB PD provide up to 100W and are being adopted in automobiles, smartphones, laptops and tablets. This combination makes USB-C connectors suited to serve as a universal power adapter standard that eliminates the need for manufacturers to produce customized chargers.

For more information, visit Cypress’ website.

Microsemi Field Programmable Gate Arrays for Video and Imaging Applications

PolarFire FPGA. (Image courtesy of Microsemi.)
PolarFire FPGA. (Image courtesy of Microsemi.)

Microsemi has introduced its PolarFire Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for imaging and video needs. The system can be utilized for mid-bandwidth (4K/2K) imaging/video applications due to its increased memory and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources, in addition to providing up to 50 percent lower power than traditional Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM)-based devices.

For more information, visit Microsemi’s website.

Synopsys Security Package for ARC HS Processors

(Image courtesy of Synopsys.)
(Image courtesy of Synopsys.)

Synopsys has unveiled its Enhanced Security Package for DesignWare ARC HS Processors, allowing designers to develop isolated, secure environments that help protect embedded systems and software from evolving threats in automotive, storage and gateway applications.

The Enhanced Security Package incorporates a range of features, including integrity protection, multiple privilege levels, and a watchdog timer that help protect system-on-chips (SoCs) against both logical and physical attacks, such as IP theft and remote attacks, without compromising performance.

For more information, visit Synopsys’ website.

TI Ethernet PHYs

Ethernet PHYs. (Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)
Ethernet PHYs. (Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)

Texas Instruments (TI) has developed two Ethernet physical layer (PHY) transceivers, expanding connectivity options for both space-constrained applications and time-sensitive networks (TSNs). The DP83825I low-power 10-/100-Mbps Ethernet PHY has a 44 percent smaller package size and provides a 150-meter cable reach.

The DP83869HM also supports copper and fiber media, and offers high-temperature operation up to 125°C, which enables engineers to leverage the reliability of gigabit Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments.

For more information, visit TI’s website.

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