XING Mobility Switches to Onshape Cloud-based CAD System for EV Design
Nadia Krieger posted on October 15, 2018 |

XING Mobility, Taiwanese manufacturer of motors and batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), has chosen Onshape to be its primary CAD system. The company, which was founded in Taipei in 2015, provides electric motors for trucks, buses, boats and construction equipment.

XING Mobility’s primary focus, however, is extreme-performance race cars and supercars. Its R&D platform aims to develop advanced energy storage and drive train technology for these high-performance EVs.

(Image courtesy of XING Mobility.)
(Image courtesy of XING Mobility.)

Previously founded as a racing company, Xing Mobility quickly made the switch to EVs when it developed an electric version of its flagship model “Miss R,” which was much faster than the combustion engine version. The company was profiled in Clean Technica. The article explained that this change was the result of Chief Technology Officer Azizi Tucker coming over from Tesla Motors to work with XING Mobility.

For XING Mobility, logistics in the design process for its energy storage and powertrain systems was slowing down innovation, which is where the cloud-based CAD company Onshape comes in. Officials from XING Mobility said that their previous CAD system required an overly complex system of employees sending each other zip files containing their designs, which caused their innovations to sometimes get overwritten. For the company, version control was an issue dragging down efficiency. 

“When we were working in our previous CAD system, we were dealing with people sometimes designing things around the wrong version,” Tucker said. “We used to spend about 50 percent of our design time on file management. With Onshape, that’s history. From a design standpoint, our battery packs involve complex assemblies with 7,000 to 8,000 components that are replicated and patterned in quite specific ways. We have three different engineering teams working on battery design. Onshape’s built-in data management helps us prevent any version control issues.”

Further perks the cloud-based CAD system has brought to XING Mobility include the ability to share designs with customers in real time. 

“Because we’re designing full powertrain systems for other companies, these customers really depend on us to design the heart of their vehicles,” said Tucker. “Tight coordination between the XING team and our customers is essential. Being able to share CAD models in real time is very valuable. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of our service.”

Onshape recently announced a partnership with another Asian company, BMF Technology, a Chinese-based provider of micro/nanoscale precision manufacturing technology. Onshape was also listed on the Forbes Cloud 100 for 2018, a list of top cloud-computing companies published by Forbes annually.

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