Electronics Weekly – Microchip Digital Signal Controller, Teledyne Cooled GaN FET & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on October 05, 2018 |

Maxim Wrist-Worn Health Sensor Platform

Health Sensor Platform 2.0. (Image courtesy of Maxim.)
Health Sensor Platform 2.0. (Image courtesy of Maxim.)

Maxim has introduced its Health Sensor Platform 2.0, a prototyping, evaluation and development platform, also known as MAXREFDES101#, that enables users to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and body temperature in a wrist-worn wearable, saving up to six months in development time.

Enclosed in a watch casing, the wrist-based device allows HSP 2.0 to provide basic functionality out of the box, with body-monitoring measurements starting immediately. Data can be stored on the platform for patient evaluation or streamed to a PC for analysis later.

For more information, visit Maxim’s website.

Microchip Digital Signal Controller

dsPIC33CK digital signal controller. (Image courtesy of Microchip.)
dsPIC33CK digital signal controller. (Image courtesy of Microchip.)

Microchip has released its dsPIC33CK digital signal controller (DSC), which has increased context-selected registers to reduce interrupt latency and deliver faster instruction execution to accelerate digital signal processor (DSP) routines.

With 100 MIPS performance, the core provides almost double the performance of previous single-core dsPIC DSCs, making it well suited for motor control, digital power and other applications requiring algorithms such as automotive sensors and industrial automation. The dsPIC33CK has been designed for controlling multiple sensorless, brushless motors running field-oriented control algorithms and power factor correction.

For more information, visit Microchip’s website.

Renesas Global LTE IoT Connectivity Development Kit

AE-CLOUD2 development kit. (Image courtesy of Renesas.)
AE-CLOUD2 development kit. (Image courtesy of Renesas.)

Renesas has announced the AE-CLOUD2 kit, a hardware and software reference design kit that allows developers to evaluate cellular connectivity options and build low power wide area (LPWA) cellular Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The AE-CLOUD2 kit—together with the Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.5.0—simplifies the process of connecting IoT sensor devices to enterprise cloud services using 4G/LTE Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1, also called NB-IoT, with fallback to 2G/EGPRS cellular networks. The kit’s functionality accelerates the prototyping of cellular-enabled IoT devices for asset tracking, retail and agriculture monitoring, smart cities/utilities, mobile healthcare and industrial automation.

For more information, visit Renesas’ website.

RS Components Desktop Vacuum Former

Mayku FormBox. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)
Mayku FormBox. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)

RS Components has unveiled a desktop vacuum former from Mayku. The Mayku FormBox works with any domestic vacuum cleaner to make molds and other objects in minutes, with no software or digital model manipulation required.

Templates may be designed and modeled by the user, or can consist of objects found around the house or lab. Suitable materials for templates include soft wood, MDF, metals, most plastics, PLA and ABS resins, stacked card, air-drying clay, playdough and even foodstuffs such as potatoes or bananas. Mayku also offers an online product library for users who do not wish to make their designs from scratch.

For more information, visit RS Components’ website.

Teledyne Cooled GaN FET

(Image courtesy of GaN Systems.)
(Image courtesy of GaN Systems.)

Teledyne has developed a650V GaN FET device that is suitable for HiRel applications.The TDG650E60 is a 650V/60A enhancement mode power transistor that is built in a gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon process and packaged in GaN System’s GaNPX Package.

The package is bottom-side cooled to offer low junction-to-case thermal resistance. GaN System’s “Island” technology is utilized to provide high voltage, current and efficiency.This package enables low inductance and thermal resistance in a small 11mm x9mm outline.

For more information, visit Teledyne’s website.

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