EW: Design Edition – Cadence Design Ecosystem, DfR Automated Design Analysis & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on October 03, 2018 |

Autodesk Services Marketplace

Autodesk Services Marketplace. (Image courtesy of Autodesk.)
Autodesk Services Marketplace. (Image courtesy of Autodesk.)

Autodesk has launched its Services Marketplace, intended to help connect designers with industry experts. In addition to users in Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Design & Manufacturing (D&M) and Media & Entertainment (M&E),users can now receive design input and assistance from approved experts.

The company evaluates and vets providers to ensure that they meet program requirements. Autodesk also builds and maintains a user-friendly interface where information about providers can be compared and a connection can be made.

For more information, visit Autodesk’s website.

Cadence PCB Design Ecosystem

DesignTrue DFM ecosystem. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)
DesignTrue DFM ecosystem. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)

Cadence has introduced an ecosystem with nine initial printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing partners to allow users to access the partners’ technology files needed to ensure PCB design manufacturability early in the design process. This reduces rework, shortens design cycles and accelerates new product introduction.

Current users have received from half to two-thirds fewer technical queries (TQs) from manufacturers with DesignTrue DFM (design for manufacturability) due to using tailor-made spacing, annular ring, copper features and mask rules to ensure that they are designing the board correctly the first time.

For more information, visit Cadence’s website.

DassaultSystèmes SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS 2019. (Image courtesy of DassaultSystèmes.)
SOLIDWORKS 2019. (Image courtesy of DassaultSystèmes.)

DassaultSystèmes has released SOLIDWORKS 2019, the latest version of its 3D design and engineering software platform. New features include greater design flexibility to interrogate or rapidly make changes to a model thanks to an enhanced Large Design Review capability.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 also improves view manipulation to scale with higher-end graphics hardware. In addition, the software allows teams to communicate outside of the design community by adding markups to parts and assemblies directly using a touch device, storing them with the model, and exporting them as a PDF.

For more information, visit DassaultSystèmes’ website.

DfR Automated Design Analysis

Sherlock Automated Design Analysis. (Image courtesy of DfR Solutions.)
Sherlock Automated Design Analysis. (Image courtesy of DfR Solutions.)

DfR Solutions has announced version 6.0 of its Sherlock Automated Design Analysis software.This version includes integration with SOLIDWORKS that provides users with the ability to predict product reliability before a prototype is ever built.

With Sherlock, mechanical or reliability engineers can import complex 3D objects into one tool and gain insights into how mechanical structures such as enclosures, batteries, thermal solutions, chassis, displays, and stiffeners influence the robustness of electronics exposed to thermal and mechanical loads.

For more information, visit DfR’s website.

Imagination GPU and Video Codec IP

GPU IP. (Image courtesy of Imagination Technologies.)
GPU IP. (Image courtesy of Imagination Technologies.)

Imagination Technologies and Chips&Media have collaborated to ensure that Imagination’s GPU IP and Chips&Media’s Video Codec IP are available as integrated and tested systems that work together to provide system-level benefits, including a range of compression technologies, such as Imagination’s PVRIC lossless compression.

Chips&Media Video Codec IP includes all major standards (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, H.263, Sorenson, H.264, RV, VC-1, VP8, AVS, AVS+, HEVC / H.265, VP9 and AV1) at up to UHD resolutions. Imagination GPUs are designed for up to UHD UI, gaming and apps, and are based on TBDR (tile based deferred rendering).

For more information, visit Imagination’s website.

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