Electronics Weekly – RS Components Connectors, SHINING Wireless Scanners & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on September 14, 2018 |
New products from Hexagon Manufacturing, MultiTech Systems, RS Components, SHINING 3D and Synopsys.

Hexagon FMC-Tracker

360° FMC-Tracker. (Image courtesy of Hexagon Manufacturing.)
360° FMC-Tracker. (Image courtesy of Hexagon Manufacturing.)

Hexagon Manufacturing launched its 360° FMC-Tracker, a mobile measurement cell powered by the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and Leica T-Scan 5 laser scanner. Designed to measure mid-to-large-sized parts, manufacturers can use the in-line, near-line or off-line options of the 360° FMC-Tracker for automated measurement productivity.

The 360° FMC-Tracker can measure parts with various surfaces and finishes without the need for targets. This capability provides a simplified 3D-measurement process less prone to operator error. Programmable automated measurement eliminates productivity-busting bottlenecks at manual process points.

For more information, visit Hexagon’s website.

MultiTech xDot Modules

xDot Module. (Image courtesy of MultiTech Systems.)
xDot Module. (Image courtesy of MultiTech Systems.)

MultiTech Systems introduced feature enhancements for its LoRaWAN compliant MultiConnect mDot and MultiConnect xDot long range RF modules. The Arm Mbed are secure, CE/FCC/RCM/GITEKI/WPC certified, low-power RF modules that provide long-range, low bit rate M2M data connectivity to sensors, industrial equipment and remote appliances.

The latest versions provide added support for Multicast Messages; firmware update over the air (FUOTA) for mDot only; xDot bootloader for local firmware updating over the local serial interfaces, supported also for mDot; and channel plans for Korea and India. Multicast messaging is also used with FUOTA to send updated firmware to many mDots at one time.

For more information, visit MultiTech’s website.

RS Components Heavy-duty Connectors

RS Pro heavy-duty connectors. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)
RS Pro heavy-duty connectors. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)

RS Components unveiled a range of RS Pro heavy-duty connectors including screw terminals, cage-clamp terminals and housings. The components are designed for industrial environments, especially in sound and lighting applications and in the robotics and machinery sectors.

The RS Pro A and B series of inserts offer electrical and mechanical protection and UL approvals. All the inserts have a grounded contact to stop incorrect polarisation and contacts mounted in the insert, which means that no additional tooling is required.

For more information, visit RS Components’ website.

SHINING 3D Wireless Scanners

Wireless FreeScan X5+. (Image courtesy of SHINING 3D.)
Wireless FreeScan X5+. (Image courtesy of SHINING 3D.)

SHINING 3D announced a line of Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ metrology 3D scanners. The Wireless FreeScan X5+ & X7+ incorporate the “AirMaster” wireless computational processing unit, with a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, which provides the calculation of image data driven by the hardware.

Furthermore, the Wireless FreeScan X5+ and X7+ feature a lightweight design and simplified operation, supporting real-time data display on smartphones or tablets. The Wireless FreeScan X5+ and X7+ also provide up to three hours of continuous operation and 12 hours of standby time for prolonged usage.

For more information, visit SHINING 3D’s website.

Synopsys Optical Design Software

CODE V software. (Image courtesy of Synopsys.)
CODE V software. (Image courtesy of Synopsys.)

Synopsys released version 11.2 of its CODE V optical design software, which includes enhancements to the software’s capabilities for the design, analysis and optimization of imaging optics.

The CODE V SpecBuilder feature helps designers track and communicate how well their optical system designs are meeting project specifications and goals. Version 11.2 also expands the library of pre-built specifications. New specs include detector energy, PSF-based encircled energy diameter and PSF-based Strehl ratio.

For more information, visit Synopsys’ website.

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