Electronics Weekly – Samsung Monolithic DDR4 Memory, Synopsys Emulation Architecture & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on June 22, 2018 |

Analog Devices Bandwidth RF Transceiver

ADRV9009 RF transceiver. (Image courtesy of Analog Devices.)
ADRV9009 RF transceiver. (Image courtesy of Analog Devices.)

Analog Devices has launched the ADRV9009 RF transceiver, providing designers with a single radio platform to accelerate the deployment of 5G, sustain 2G/3G/4G coverage, and simplify phased array radar design. The ADRV9009 features twice the bandwidth (200MHz) of previous generation devices and replaces as many as 20 components, cutting power in half and package size by 60 percent.

The device is tunable over a range of 75MHz to 6GHz to support 2G/3G/4G/5G services, which allows cellular equipment manufacturers to adopt a single radio design across all band and power variants.

For more information, visit Analog Devices’ website.

Microchip PLC Modem

PL360B PLC Modem. (Image courtesy of Microchip.)
PL360B PLC Modem. (Image courtesy of Microchip.)

Microchip has released the PL360B Power Line Communication (PLC) modem, which can support multiple standard and proprietary protocols in the frequency band up to 500kHz, allowing device makers to address different end-user regulations, markets and operational requirements. The device can be adapted with firmware, reducing overall development time and costs.

Created to address PLC protocols such as ITU G.9903 (G3-PLC) and ITU G.9904 (PRIME), as well as CENELEC-, FCC- and ARIB-compliant applications, the PL360B modem comes with reference designs for adding a PLC interface to any application requiring user connectivity, including smart meters, lighting, home automation, building automation and remote control.

Additional technical specifications are available on Microchip’s website.

Samsung Monolithic DDR4 Memory

16Gb-based, 64GB RDIMM. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)
16Gb-based, 64GB RDIMM. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Samsung announced that it has begun producing modules containing a 16Gb monolithic 64GB DDR4 memory system. The registered dual in-line memory module (RDIMM) is designed primarily for use in enterprise and cloud server applications.

The 16Gb monolithic 64GB RDIMM provides a boost in performance over that of 8Gb monolithic chips at double the density, featuring speeds of up to 2666MT/s, which future releases are expected to surpass. In addition, the module consumes 19 percent less power compared to a similar-density implementation using two 32GB RDIMMs.

For more information, visit Samsung’s website.

Synopsys Emulation Architecture

ZeBu Server 4. (Image courtesy of Synopsys.)
ZeBu Server 4. (Image courtesy of Synopsys.)

Synopsys has introduced its ZeBu Server 4 emulation system. ZeBu Server 4 builds on the ZeBu Fast Emulation architecture with 2x the emulation performance to provide system-on-chip (SoC) verification and software bring-up, as well as address the expanding verification requirements of automotive, 5G, networking, artificial intelligence (AI) and datacenter SoCs.

The system features 5x lower power consumption with half the datacenter footprint, lowering total cost of ownership. In addition, ZeBu Server 4 offers software improvements for faster compile, advanced debug, power analysis, simulation acceleration and hybrid emulation.

Information about pricing and availability can be found on Synopsys’ website.

TI Synchronous Converters

SIMPLE SWITCHER DC/DC buck regulators. (Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)
SIMPLE SWITCHER DC/DC buck regulators. (Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)

Texas Instruments (TI) has launched two wide-VIN synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER DC/DC buck regulators in small HotRod quad flat no-lead (QFN) packaging. The 3-A LMR33630 and 2-A LMR33620 step-down voltage converters feature 92 percent load efficiency for industrial power supplies, with switching frequencies up to 2.1MHz. Used in conjunction with TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer, the converters simplify power conversion and speed up the design process.

The 3.8-V to 36-V LMR33630 and LMR33620 buck regulators are offered in 3-mm-by-2-mm thermally enhanced packaging. The HotRod QFN package includes wettable flanks that provide post-solder optical inspection to simplify manufacturing.

For more information, visit TI’s website.

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