EW – Design Edition – AVL Data Management, NI Debugging Software & More
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AVL Data Management

CONCERTO data management software. (Image courtesy of AVL.)
CONCERTO data management software. (Image courtesy of AVL.)

AVL has released CONCERTO 5, which allows for the direct comparison of simulation and measurement data supported by the automated harmonization of quantity names and units. The software includes a range of functions for data analysis, visualization and fully automated evaluations that enable manufacturing and industrial engineers to generate detailed reports.

CONCERTO 5 provides extension options that enable tool functionalities to be individualized. Users can also enhance the platform by creating their own applications for specific tasks and needs. With the included Application Development Toolbox, it’s possible to extend existing toolboxes and off-the-shelf applications, or create tailor-made ones. Alternatively, users can simply use AVL’s Apps and Toolboxes.

For more information, visit AVL’s website.

Cadence IC Design-for-Reliability System

Legato Reliability Solution. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)
Legato Reliability Solution. (Image courtesy of Cadence.)

Cadence has introduced its Legato Reliability Solution, a software program intended for designing high-reliability analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for automotive, medical, industrial and defense applications. The Legato Reliability Solution provides analog designers with the ability to manage the reliability of their designs throughout the product lifecycle, from initial test through active life and aging.

Included in this release is a simulation engine that can create a new test methodology for analog ICs—defect-oriented testing, which expands the capabilities of testing beyond what is generally achieved by simply performing functional and parametric tests. Defect-oriented testing allows designers to evaluate the ability to eliminate die with manufacturing defects and resulting test escapes that cause field failures.

Additional technical specifications are available on Cadence’s website.

Dassault Systèmes Materials Knowledge Platform

3DEXPERIENCE platform. (Image courtesy of Dassault Systèmes.)
3DEXPERIENCE platform. (Image courtesy of Dassault Systèmes.)

Dassault Systèmes and Granta Design have collaborated to integrate the GRANTA MI system for materials information management into 3DEXPERIENCE, allowing approved information from a company’s materials database to be available to its product innovation teams on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

This development will enable designers, engineers and simulation analysts to quickly access accurate and consistent information on materials and their properties, as well as check to ensure that requirements on their structural behavior, cost, application, compliance or sustainability are fulfilled.

For more information, visit Dassault’s website.

NI Debugging Software

InstrumentStudio software. (Image courtesy of National Instruments.)
InstrumentStudio software. (Image courtesy of National Instruments.)

National Instruments (NI) has announced the release of its InstrumentStudio software for NI PXI modular instruments. InstrumentStudio improves the live, interactive use model for modular instruments and makes the process of debugging while running tests more intuitive.

The software improves the concept of single-instrument soft front panels into a unified, multi-instrument environment, so that users can capture screenshots and measurement results in one view from their suite of instruments. InstrumentStudio can also save project-level configurations for specific devices being tested that can be repurposed later or shared with colleagues. This efficiency is key for testing high-mix devices and provides convenient test repeatability.

Information regarding pricing and availability can be found on NI’s website.

XJTAG DFT Assistant for Mentor Xpedition

XJTAG DFT Assistant. (Image courtesy of XJTAG.)
XJTAG DFT Assistant. (Image courtesy of XJTAG.)

XJTAG has launched free software for Mentor Xpedition that will increase the design for test and debug capabilities of the schematic capture and PCB design environment. XJTAG DFT Assistant comprises two key elements: XJTAG Chain Checker and XJTAG Access Viewer. XJTAG Chain Checker identifies common errors in a JTAG scan chain, such as incorrectly connected test access ports (TAPs).

A single connection error would inhibit an entire scan chain from working. XJTAG Chain Checker identifies connection errors and reports them to the developer during the design process. The software also identifies incorrectly terminated TAPs. XJTAG Access Viewer overlays the extent of boundary scan access onto the schematic diagram, allowing users to instantly see which components are accessible using boundary scan, as well as where test coverage could be further extended.

For more information, visit XJTAG’s website.

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