Assembly Edition – 42Q Industrial IoT, SCHUNK Jaw Clamp & More
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42Q Industrial IoT for Manufacturers

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity. (Image courtesy of 42Q.)
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity. (Image courtesy of 42Q.)

42Q announced the release of its Rapid IIoT Cloud Solution, a system that connects production equipment such as PLCs, SCADA servers, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices, smart sensors and more to 42Q’s cloud manufacturing platform. The Rapid IIoT Cloud Solution includes shop floor connectivity, real-time storage of factory data, statistical process control and end-user analytics and reporting, all designed to simplify digital factory transformation and implementation of IIoT.

According to a study published by Genpact Research Institute, 82 percent of manufacturing leaders think an important part of their future success will be the adoption of IIoT technology and practices. However, that same study shows that less than 25 percent have plans for adoption and deployment of IIoT. Stumbling blocks include long deployment times and demonstrating the return on investment from IIoT. 42Q’s system helps overcome both of these problems.

For more information, visit 42Q’s website.

Advantech Global IoT Deployment

IoT Ecosystem. (Image courtesy of Medium.)
IoT Ecosystem. (Image courtesy of Medium.)

In a similar vein to 42Q’s release, Advantech announced its strategies for entering the next phase of IoT development. To expand local operations, Advantech will activate the deployment of branch locations throughout various global regions. In addition, a co-creation model will be adopted to construct the IIoT ecosystem and strengthen the influence of vertical domains.

Fantine Lee, manager of Advantech’s Corporate Investment Division, pointed out that the company will continue to actively promote platform management during Phase II of IoT development and SRP co-creation, and co-created digital transformation of industry cloud services during Phase III through the co-creation model. These steps will hopefully continue to promote the widespread adoption of IIoT technology throughout the world.

Additional technical specifications are available on Advantech’s website.

Littelfuse SCR Switching Thyristors

SJ Series SCR switching thyristors. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)
SJ Series SCR switching thyristors. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)

Littelfuse updated its switching thyristor line with the introduction of the SJ Series High-Temperature SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) Switching Thyristors. This series offers circuit designers blocking voltages (VDRM) up to 600V and current ratings from 4A to 40A to support a range of applications.

“The SJ Series SCR Switching Thyristors’ high junction temperature of 150°C ensures a wider operating margin, allowing devices in compact packages to provide performance comparable with those in larger packages,” said Koichiro Yoshimoto, business development manager at Littelfuse. “That allows designers to achieve higher performance by replacing existing SCRs with new ones with the same package size, or they can reduce product size by using SCRs in the more compact packages.”

For more information, visit Littelfuse’s website.

Masterbond Silver Conductive Epoxy

EP3HTSDA-2 epoxy. (Image courtesy of Masterbond.)
EP3HTSDA-2 epoxy. (Image courtesy of Masterbond.)

Masterbond launched EP3HTSDA-2, a silver filled epoxy adhesive system developed for thermal management applications. The one-component system is not premixed and frozen and has an extended working life at room temperature. This compound possesses a high thermal conductivity of 45-49 BTU•in/ft2•hr•°F [6.5-7.0 W/(m•K)]. It can be applied in very thin bond lines and contains particles with an average size of 2-3 microns.

In addition, EP3HTSDA-2 exhibits low thermal resistance of 2-3 x 10 -6 K•m2/W. It also has electrical conductivity with a volume resistivity less than 0.001 ohm-cm. EP3HTSDA-2 meets NASA low outgassing specifications and is serviceable from -62°C to +232°C. It adheres well to similar/dissimilar substrates such as aluminum, ceramic, copper, fiberglass, polyimide and silicone die.

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on Masterbond’s website.

SCHUNK Pull-down Jaw Clamp

SNB clamp. (Image courtesy of SCHUNK.)
SNB clamp. (Image courtesy of SCHUNK.)

SCHUNK released its pull-down jaw SNB clamp, which provides increased accuracy on workpieces, minimal cleaning effort and a longer service life. Unlike previous chuck jaw systems with active pull-down function, the SNB is built in one piece. This ensures precise workpiece support, a repeatable zero point independent of the clamping force present, increased stability when machining and minimal wear.

Tests at the SCHUNK competence center for clamping technology in Lauffen, Germany, show that more than 50,000 clamping cycles are possible with this SNB chuck jaw. The device’s design also prevents the accumulation of chips and stops dirt from settling.

For more information, visit SCHUNK’s website.

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