EW – Testing Edition – AMETEK Column Tester, Hioki Current Sensor & More
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AMETEK Column Materials Tester

LD Series column tester. (Image courtesy of AMETEK.)
LD Series column tester. (Image courtesy of AMETEK.)

AMETEK has introduced a series of universal test machines, the LD Series of twin column materials testers, which include five models with capacities ranging from 5 to 100kN. All are designed for routine, automated and complex multi-stage quality control testing.

All LD Series testing machines feature a working area of 452 mm, crosshead travel up to 1070 mm (extendable to 1669 mm) and a comprehensive speed range. They can be mounted above a floor standing compression cage for large sample or complete assembly testing. A change of grips enables the modular devices to meet testing needs regardless of industry, material or test type.

For more information, visit AMETEK’s website.

Hioki AC/DC Current Sensor

CT6904 AC/DC Current Sensor. (Image courtesy of Hioki.)
CT6904 AC/DC Current Sensor. (Image courtesy of Hioki.)

Hioki has launched the CT6904 AC/DC current sensor (rated for 500 A). The device has a measurement band of 4 MHz (40 times higher than the previous design), making it ideal for applications such as the evaluation of inverters, where high-current systems are increasingly the norm.

Measurement accuracy has also been improved to ±0.02% rdg. (9709: ±0.05% rdg.). In addition, a machined aluminum solid shield completely covers the sensor’s magnetic core and winding, providing noise resistance with a common-mode rejection ratio of 120 dB or greater at 100 kHz.

Additional technical specifications can be found on Hioki’s website.

Keysight 5G NR Test Capability

(Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies.)
(Image courtesy of Keysight Technologies.)

Keysight Technologies, in collaboration with Tech Mahindra, has released a line of 5G network emulation systems which lets device and chipset manufacturers prototype and develop pre-5G and 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) chipsets and devices. The test systems also allow manufacturers to analyze and debug the behavior of their 5G devices through the development process.

According to Satish Dhanasekaran, president of Communications Solutions Group at Keysight, “The 5G market is moving quickly, and 3GPP is working to formalize the 5G device test requirements.  Therefore, it is essential that Keysight provides this concurrent engineering environment pre-standards test capabilities that support the accelerated 5G development lifecycle.”

For more information, visit Keysight’s website.

PROMAX Network Analyzers

Cable Ranger DOCSIS 3.0 analyzers. (Image courtesy of PROMAX.)
Cable Ranger DOCSIS 3.0 analyzers. (Image courtesy of PROMAX.)

PROMAX has released the Cable Ranger DOCSIS 3.0 analyzers for hybrid Fibre-Coaxial networks. The analyzers provide the required measurements to install and carry the network maintenance of those hybrid networks using fiber-optic and coaxial cables at the physical layer.

The operating frequency range spans from 5 Mhz to 1700 Mhz, fulfilling DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 requirements. The devices also have an available frequency band up to 200 Mhz for the return path (upstream) and up to 1700 Mhz for the forward path (downstream), ensuring extra bandwidth for future network upgrades.

Information concerning pricing and availability is located on PROMAX’s website.

Tektronix Waveform Monitoring and Analysis Platforms

WFM/WVR5200 platform. (Image courtesy of Tektronix.)
WFM/WVR5200 platform. (Image courtesy of Tektronix.)

Tektronix has announced expanded support for 4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG) across its WFM/WVR 8000 Series and PRISM IP/SDI waveform monitoring and analysis platforms. The WFM/WVR 5200 series now also supports HDR graticlues for those producing 1080p HDR.

The company’s waveform platforms and rasterizers monitor a variety of video and audio formats. Support for video formats includes 4K/UHDTV1 (4096×2160 and 3840×2160), 3G-SDI, Dual Link, HD-SDI and composite analog. Support for audio formats includes Dolby E, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, AES/EBU, embedded audio and analog audio.

For more information, visit Tektronix’s website.

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