EW – Assembly Edition – Amphenol Current Connectors, Masterbond Curing Adhesive & More
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AIM Lead-free Solder Alloy

AIM Solder will showcase itsREL61 lead-free solder alloy at the upcoming productronica China 2018, scheduled to take place March 14-16. REL61 was developed to provide PCB assemblers and designers a cost-effective replacement for SAC305 and other low/no silver alloys.

REL61 is available in paste, wire and bar solder formats, and features increased durability, wetting performance, thermal cycling performance and BTC void performance. AIM also will highlight its line of solder materials including solder paste, liquid flux, and alloys.

For more information, visit AIM’s website.

Amphenol Current Connector and Cabling System

Amphenol SurLok Plus. (Image courtesy of Amphenol.)
Amphenol SurLok Plus. (Image courtesy of Amphenol.)

Amphenol introduced the SurLok Plus current connector and cabling system. The quick connect and locking system includes a high voltage interlock loop (HVIL) safety feature, as well as electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI) for noise immunity. These features are a requirement of large-scale battery systems to ensure safety and proper operation.

The connectors offer industry-standard crimp, screw and busbar termination options, eliminating the need to purchase special torque tools. In addition, SurLok Plus is optimized for battery pack connectors from 50 A to 400 A (sizes 5.7mm to 10.3mm) using a touch-safe interface.

Additional technical specifications are available on Amphenol’s website.

Kester Soldering Flux

Kester NF1060-VF soldering flux. (Image courtesy of Kester.)
Kester NF1060-VF soldering flux. (Image courtesy of Kester.)

Kester launched its NF1060-VF soldering flux, in addition to the company’s No-Clean, VOC-free series. NF1060-VF is a zero-halogen wave soldering flux that allows for through-hole fill and low-defect soldering of lead-free electronic circuit board assemblies. NF1060-VF is ORM0 per J-STD-004B, VOC-free for lower VOC emissions and has a low solids content that prevents clogging or builds up around flux spray nozzles.

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on Kester’s website.

Littelfuse Pulsed WaveGuide Sensor

Littelfuse Pulsed WaveGuide sensor. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)
Littelfuse Pulsed WaveGuide sensor. (Image courtesy of Littelfuse.)

Littelfuse has developed the Pulsed WaveGuide (PWG) sensor, a contactless position measurement technique based on the measurement of flight of time (FOT). This sensor is useful for non-conventional shaped tanks because its continuous level sensing allows for exact measurements and customized sensor outputs.

The PWG sensor transmits an electromagnetic pulse through an electromagnetic waveguide, and a reflection of that pulse is developed due to the presence of a localized magnetic field on the waveguide—typically induced by a small magnet. The PWG sensor package contains signal conditioning electronics and a screened waveguide transmission line—the sensing element that allows it to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

For more information, visit Littelfuse’s website.

Masterbond Curing Adhesive

Masterbond UV22DC80-10F. (Image courtesy of Masterbond.)
Masterbond UV22DC80-10F. (Image courtesy of Masterbond.)

Masterbond unveiled the UV22DC80-10F, a single component, nanosilica filled compound featuring a UV and heat curing mechanism. This thixotropic, moderately low viscosity compound has a viscosity of 8,000-12,000 cps at 75°F (~23°C).Additionally, UV22DC80-10F is optically clear and offers the ability to be cured in shadowed out areas.

UV22DC80-10F is not oxygen inhibited. It is capable of curing up to thicknesses of around 0.050 inches. It can be used for bonding, sealing, coating and glob-top type applications, and has a refractive index of 1.52 at 589 nm.

For more information, visit Masterbond’s website.

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