Electronics Weekly—Mouser Microcontrollers, Synopsys Design Systems & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on February 23, 2018 |

Advantech Factory Automation Consortium

Announcement of the Edgecross Consortium. (Image courtesy of Advantech.)
Announcement of the Edgecross Consortium. (Image courtesy of Advantech.)

Advantech has partnered with Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, NEC, IBM Japan and Oracle Japan in establishing the “Edgecross Consortium” to overcome hurdles between companies and industries in order to collaborate toward achieving improved factory automation (FA) and IT. The objective is to create new projects centered on edge computing.

The Edgecross Consortium allows FA and IT collaboration through its open software platform (Edgecross software platform), which is based on edge computing. By residing on the edge layer, the software facilitates connectivity between factory shop floors and value chains, while enabling the acquisition, analysis and utilization of data, which are essential to smart manufacturing. In addition, user applications can be created and shared on the edge to realize various IoT utilization purposes.

For more information, visit Advantech’s website.

Mouser Microcontrollers

RX130 Group of 32-bit microcontrollers. (Image courtesy of Mouser Electronics.)
RX130 Group of 32-bit microcontrollers. (Image courtesy of Mouser Electronics.)

Mouser Electronics has launched the RX130 Group of 32-bit microcontrollers from Renesas Electronics. Featuring capacitive touch IP with improved sensitivity, the RX130 microcontrollers are ideal for devices designed with nontraditional touch materials or which are required to operate in wet or dirty environments.

The RX130 microcontrollers feature a 50DMIPS RX core with up to 512Kb of flash for code with no wait states. In addition to extended memory options, the microcontrollers increase package size up to 100 pins to provide higher performance and compatibility with the RX231/RX230 Group of touch microcontrollers.

Information about pricing and availability can be found on Mouser Electronics’ website.

Pasternack Electromechanical Switches

Pasternack Electromechanical switches. (Image courtesy of Pasternack.)
Pasternack Electromechanical switches. (Image courtesy of Pasternack.)

Pasternack has released a line of electromechanical relay switches that operate from DC up to 26.5GHz and feature a D-SUB multi-pin connector interface for DC voltage and command and control functions. D-SUB multi-pin connectors provide a solderless, press-fit reliable I/O connection that can be permanently locked down with a mating multiple socket D-SUB connector. In addition, they will not come loose or break off during handling or environmental exposure to shock and vibration.

The series consists of 44 different electromechanical relay switches offered in both 12V and 28V designs. The switches are available in SPDT, SP3T, SP4T and SP6T configurations that support either latching, fail safe or normally open actuators, and have usable features such as indicators, terminations or TTL logic. Typical performance includes 0.15dB insertion loss and 90dB isolation levels, while power handling capability is rated up to 600W.

Additional technical specifications are available on Pasternack’s website.

RS Components Additive Manufacturing 3D Printer

RoboxPRO 3D printer. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)
RoboxPRO 3D printer. (Image courtesy of RS Components.)

RS Components has announced the CEL RoboxPRO additive manufacturing 3D printer. The RoboxPRO features a large interlocking door, which is designed to protect the printer’s fully enclosed build chamber with HEPA and active charcoal air filtration. This prevents unnecessary disturbance or damage from affecting in-progress print builds while also ensuring that users are not exposed to potentially toxic fumes.

Furthermore, the dual-nozzle printing capability means the unit can print with two different colors, two different materials, or a dedicated material supporting the main part, including water-soluble or breakaway. RoboxPRO print heads are easily replaceable and can be upgraded in the future to deliver extended capabilities, such as paste extrusion.

For more information, visit RS Components’ website.

Synopsys Design and Security Systems at Embedded World 2018

(Image courtesy of Synopsys.)
(Image courtesy of Synopsys.)

Synopsys will showcase its electronic design, IP and application security systems at the Embedded World 2018 conference in Nuremberg, Germany, which runs from February 27 to March 3. During the conference, Synopsys will also host Elevate, a thought leadership event featuring a group of international cyber security experts, who will provide a discussion about IoT and embedded systems security threats and solutions.

Synopsys will also demonstrate the Coverity static analysis system, the Black Duck Software Composition Analysis platform, Virtualizer Development Kits, DesignWare EV6x Embedded Vision Processors, DesignWare ARC Secure Subsystems, and FPGA Platform for Design and Verification.

For more information, visit Synopsys’ website.

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