Electronics Weekly - Hitachi Holography Electron Microscope, TI DLP Chipsets & More
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Hitachi Atomic-Resolution Holography Electron Microscope

(Image courtesy of Hitachi.)
(Image courtesy of Hitachi.)
Hitachi and RIKEN have announced the development of technology to improve observation precision using Hitachi's atomic-resolution holography electron microscope, and the successful observation of magnetic field distributions within magnetic multilayer materials at a resolution of 0.67nm.

This technology enables the observation of the magnitude and direction of magnetic fields that are related to the properties of highly-functional materials, such as permanent magnets, electromagnetic steel sheets, and magnetic thin films, at a level of a few atoms at the boundary of the material. The further development of highly-functional materials is essential for improving the performance of products such as electronic equipment, batteries and motors. For example, the performance of a magnetic material is closely related to the complex magnetic properties that result from the combination of elements from which it is composed.

For more information, visit Hitachi’s website.

Microchip Cloud-Connected Embedded Systems

(Image courtesy of Microchip.)
(Image courtesy of Microchip.)
Microchip has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support cloud-connected embedded systems from the node to the cloud. Supporting Amazon Greengrass, Amazon FreeRTOS and AWS Internet of Things (IoT), Microchip provides all the components, tools, software and support needed to develop secure cloud-connected systems.

Microchip’s PIC32MZ EF series of microcontrollers (MCUs) now support Amazon FreeRTOS, an Operating System (OS) that makes compact low-powered edge devices easy to program, deploy, secure and maintain. These MCUs incorporate connectivity options, Flash memory, peripherals and a toolchain which allow embedded designers to build complex applications.

Amazon FreeRTOS includes software libraries which make it easy to securely deploy over-the-air updates as well as the ability to connect devices locally to AWS Greengrass or directly to the cloud, providing a variety of data processing location options.

Additional technical specifications are available on Microchip’s website.

Microsemi NVMe-oF Storage Device Based on Intel RSD

(Image courtesy of Microsemi.)
(Image courtesy of Microsemi.)
Microsemi and American Megatrends have collaborated on the development of an NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) reference architecture product. The device incorporates AMI's MegaRAC FP-X Fabric Management Firmware technology with Microsemi's Switchtec PCIe switches on an Intel Rack Scale Design (Intel RSD) reference architecture.

Intel RSD caters to the needs of data center operators, with the ability to efficiently scale and lower operational costs via resource pooling, storage, networking and virtualization technologies. With resource pooling being a benefit of the Intel RSD architecture, Microsemi provides the fabric interconnect infrastructure with its high density, low power PCIe switches. The combination of technologies from these three companies provides the building blocks for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) users in the hyperscale data center and enterprise markets.

For more information, visit Microsemi’s website.

RS Components Resistors and Portable Load Bank Units

(Image courtesy of RS Components.)
(Image courtesy of RS Components.)
RS Components has introduced a range of Cressall resistors for applications such as dynamic braking and motor control, as well as a range of portable load bank products. The line of resistors comprises a selection of IP20-rated devices together with a choice of accessories that enable both purchase and installation costs to be kept low.

Units feature stable high-temperature resistance alloy as well as being rated for repetitive duties and high short-term overloads. Cressall’s resistors are suitable for deployment in a multitude of industrial applications and can handle dynamic braking, motor starting and stopping, equipment discharge, current limiting and test loads.

Also available from RS is a series of Cressall portable load units, including: AC load units that are designed for testing power supplies, small UPS systems or generators, and a DC range for the testing of batteries or DC power supplies. The fan supply voltage can be taken from the test load itself or from an auxiliary supply of 110 or 230V AC.

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on RS Components’ website.

TI DLP Chipsets

(Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)
(Image courtesy of Texas Instruments.)
Texas Instruments (TI) has launched a family of chipsets to bring 4K UHD technology to new applications. Building on the introduction of the DLP660TE chipset, the portfolio now includes two smaller chipsets, the DLP470TE and DLP470TP, to expand the image capabilities of 4K UHD into a variety of end equipment.

Developers can now design DLP 4K UHD technology into a variety of end products such as laser TVs, mobile smart TVs, digital signage displays, smart home displays, pico projectors, business and education projectors, and more. The chipsets span a range of power, size, brightness and performance levels to help designers achieve 4K UHD end-equipment objectives. Additionally, each DLP 4K UHD chipset exceeds the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) definition for 4K UHD technology, displaying over 8 million pixels on the screen.

For more information, visit TI’s website.

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