EW – Production Edition – AM Advanced Ceramics, Nordson Plasma Technology & More
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AAS SMT & Wave Soldering Seminars

Alpha Assembly Solutions (AAS) is hosting workshop and knowledge sharing events in both Northern and Southern India to focus on guidelines and best practices to optimize SMT assembly processes. The seminars will be conducted by Gilbert Renaud, Global Technical Expert & Trainer for Alpha Assembly Solutions.

The sessions will cover topics such as: types of boards and finishes, stencil DFM guidelines, printing optimization for fine pitch assemblies, pick and place do’s and don’ts and proper reflow profile setup for various types of PCBs. The seminars are scheduled to take place late November and are expected to be attended by approximately 100 companies, comprising of both EMS companies and customers focusing on mobile and automotive manufacturing.

For more information, visit AAS’s website.

AM Advanced Ceramics and Coatings

Applied Materials (AM) has collaborated with the Center for Thermal Spray Research (CTSR) at Stony Brook University in order to develop advanced ceramics and conformal coatings for the semiconductor industry. CTSR has contributed to improvements in thermal spray processes to solve challenges across several industries, especially aerospace and power generation.

AM uses ceramic thermal spray coatings in a variety of process equipment to enable improved device performance, while also extending preventative maintenance cycles. The aerospace industry similarly benefits from using ceramic coatings in jet engines to simultaneously enhance fuel efficiency and component life. The materials, hardware and supply chains shared between these industries have expedited developing new capabilities and ramping them to production.

Additional technical details are available on AM’s website.

ASM Smart SMT Factory

ASM Assembly Systems will demonstrate products related to modern electronics production at the 2017 Productronica trade show. With the company’s “Quick Factory Check,” visitors can compare the processes in their own plants with those in smart factories and identify the workflows that will have the greatest potential impact on costs, efficiency and quality.

Some of the products being launched include improved SIPLACE TX high-speed placement modules and SIPLACE placement heads, a JEDEC tray feeder, and services like the ASM Production Planner, Touchless Placement, and SIPLACE Command Center. With the HERMES and ADAMOS initiatives, ASM will also highlight its role in open data integration and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

This year’s Productronica will take place during November 14-17th in Munich. For more information, visit ASM’s website.

Nordson MARCH Plasma Technology

Nordson will be joining ASM at this year’s Productronica to discuss its MARCH plasma technologies for printed circuit board, microelectronics and semiconductor packaging. Nordson MARCH’s VIA systems for the plasma treatment of printed circuit boards are designed for panel and roll-to-roll processing. The SPHERE systems for wafer processing handle all wafer sizes up to 450mm including 300mm wafers on wafer frames, making MARCH the ideal candidate for plasma systems for wafer level packaging.

Plasma treatment uniformity is an operational requirement in desmear and etchback applications for HDI, flexible and rigid circuit board manufacturing. Plasma can deliver higher uniformity and reproducibility than chemical or mechanical processes. The VIA series plasma treatment systems utilize plasma technology to produce enhanced uniformity at high throughputs.

For more information, visit Nordson’s website.

SCS Selective Conformal Coating

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) has released the PrecisionCoat V. The PrecisionCoat V selective conformal coating and dispense system is a programmable, multi-purpose system that offers greater efficiency in automated material applications. The device can precisely apply a range of materials including 100 percent solids, solvent-based and water-based coatings.

The PrecisionCoat V’s standard configuration applies materials via a direct-drive, three-axis system with accuracy of 0.001 inches; programmable fourth and fifth axes can also be added to most systems for tilt and rotate functionality.

In addition, the device’s potting platform dispenses silicones, epoxies and urethanes to seal, stabilize and protect applications from shock, vibration, moisture or corrosion. An automated potting process allows industrial electronics, lighting, military and avionics manufacturers to control the volume of material dispensed, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste. The PrecisionCoat V can be configured with one head or multiple heads and can dispense one or two-part materials.

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on SCS’s website.

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