EW - Testing Edition - Hioki Megohm Meters, Tektronix Oscilloscopes & More
Vincent Charbonneau posted on October 11, 2017 |

AMETEK Programmable AC Power Sources

(Image courtesy of AMETEK.)
(Image courtesy of AMETEK.)
AMETEK has added three models to its Asterion line of AC/DC power sources. The A1503 supplies up to 1,500 VA or 1,500 W; the A2253 supplies up to 2,250 VA or 2,250 W; and the A3003 supplies up to 3,000 VA or 3,000 W. All three units come in a 2U enclosure, and in both single and three phase models.

The devices perform with AMETEK’s iX2 current-doubling technology. With iX2, as the output voltage decreases from the maximum value to one-half the maximum value, the available output current increases up to two times the rated output current. This allows Asterion to maintain power through a range of voltages. As a result, iX2 eliminates the need to buy multiple sources or overpowered sources to run tests at different voltage levels, such as when performing low line voltage testing.

For more information, visit AMETEK’s website.

Hioki Super Megohm Meters

(Image courtesy of Hioki.)
(Image courtesy of Hioki.)
Hioki has released the SM Series of Super Megohm Meters. The meters are high resistance and low current inspection devices with a 0.1 fA resolution to offer precise testing on production lines. The SM7420 is a fast 4-channel simultaneous super megohm meter that supports applications for improving the productivity of passive components such as capacitors and filters.

The test system combines the 4ch microcurrent SM7420 with an external power source, or the 8ch SM7810, developed for leakage current tests, with the SM7860 32ch output power supply unit. The SM7420 is also equipped with contact checks that can identify low-capacity capacitors of only a few pF as well as measured objects with a small capacitance.

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on Hioki’s website.

Keysight Agile Vector Adapter for EW Threat Simulation

(Image courtesy of Keysight.)
(Image courtesy of Keysight.)
Keysight has introduced an agile vector adapter which extends the capabilities of the UXG X-Series agile signal generators to generate complex pulsed signals and waveforms based on IQ data for more realistic electronic warfare threat simulations. The N5194A UXG X-Series agile vector adapter functions when used in conjunction with Keysight's UXG X-Series agile signal generators.

The N5194A operates throughout the 50 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range and includes a 2 Gsample/second digital baseband generation system capable of producing wideband signals with up to 1.6 GHz bandwidth. This makes it possible to generate complex pulsed signals with variable rise and fall times, non-linear chirps and advanced modulation coding schemes with signal purity, typically -70 dBc in X-band. To mimic antenna scan patterns and angle-of-arrival (AoA) scenarios, the UXG vector adapter includes a built-in solid-state attenuator and provides 120 dB of agile amplitude range. Engineers can add commercial communications signals for even greater realism.

Additional technical specifications are available on Keysight’s website.

RIGOL DS2000E Series Oscilloscope

(Image courtesy of RIGOL Technologies.)
(Image courtesy of RIGOL Technologies.)
RIGOL Technologies has introduced the DS2000E Series Oscilloscope. The DS2000E is available at either 100MHz or 200MHz bandwidths. All models provide 2 analog channels with 50 Ω input impedance standard.

With real-time sample rate of 1GS/Sec (on both channels), memory depth of up to 28Mpts standard and waveform capture rate up to 50,000 wfms/sec, the DS2000E provides the performance required to meet today’s advanced debug challenges.

For more information, visit RIGOL’s website.

Tektronix Optical Analysis Solution for Real-time Oscilloscopes

(Image courtesy of Tektronix.)
(Image courtesy of Tektronix.)
Tektronix has announced the DPO7OE1, a calibrated optical probe and analysis software for use with real-time oscilloscopes. It is optical reference receiver (ORR) compliant for 28-GBaud PAM4 applications and supports IEEE/OIF-CEI standard specific measurements. This device complements Tektronix' optical PAM4 analysis tools for sampling oscilloscopes, giving design teams efficient test solutions for all stages of the optical transmitter workflow.

Based on real-time oscilloscopes like the DPO70000SX, this product allows R&D and system engineers to more easily troubleshoot their optical devices by adding useful debug capabilities: software clock recovery for PAM4 and NRZ, triggering, error detection, and capture time correlated or contiguous record of a signal.

For more information, visit Tektronix’s website.

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