Infographic: Makers Most Interested in IoT
Roopinder Tara posted on September 20, 2017 |
Click to display infograhic. (Courtesy of AVNET)
Click to display infograhic. (Courtesy of AVNET)

According an AVNET survey, US makers are busiest and most interested in IoT technologies for their creations. Also, they have less trouble with technology than with finding markets and financing.

  • Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies were, by far, those technologies considered most important by makers for the design of their products and services. 84 percent said sensors were a critical technology and 77 percent said IoT was a critical technology.
  • 76 percent of those surveyed find that it’s getting easier for them to develop and test prototypes, while nearly half say that that it’s getting easier to identify the right technologies for their project.
  • More than half said that the most critical stages for product development were prototype (33 percent) and early stage development (22 percent). 

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