EW – Testing Edition – Keysight Bit Error Ratio Tester, Tektronix OTT Monitoring & More
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Hioki Flying Probe Tester

Hioki has introduced the FA1811 flying probe tester. Designed specifically for package board testing, the FA1811 achieves both high-precision contact with a total probing precision of 10 μm, and a testing speed that is comparable to generic flying probe testers to meet increasing demands for greater analytical power, faster testing speeds and reduced costs.

Key Features:

  • Double test method delivers an operation rate of 100%
  • Full-net insulation continuity test using resistance: x10 max. speed
  • High-speed test using capacitance: x2 max. speed

Information concerning pricing and availability can be found on Hioki’s website.

Keysight GBaud Bit Error Ratio Tester

Keysight has announced enhancements for the M8040A bit error ratio tester (BERT) for testing PAM-4 and NRZ devices that operate up to 64 GBaud. The pattern generator module provides built-in de-emphasis, jitter injection and an optional second channel. Engineers and designers can select PAM-4 and NRZ by software in the user interface, eliminating the need for external combiners, cabling and deskew to provide PAM-4 signals.

For best signal quality, remote heads reduce the distance to the device under test. The analyzer module provides PAM-4 error analysis in real-time for long PRBS and QPRBS patterns—allowing proofing even low-bit error ratios and symbol error ratios. The error analyzer supports symbol rates up to 64 Gbaud for NRZ signals and built-in adjustable equalization. Users can control the M8040A from a graphical and remote-control interface.

Additional technical specifications are located on Keysight’s website.

NewAge Launches Hardness Testing Web Platform

NewAge Testing Instruments has launched a hardness testing website. The site provides access to the full range of hardness testing equipment offered by Newage, covering Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop testers along with accessories and software for hardness and microhardness testing.

The LearningZone is a feature on the website which connects hardness testing professionals with helpful tools such as guides to hardness testing and how to select the right hardness tester, conversion guides, videos, articles, ASTM standards reference guides and a glossary explaining the most commonly used phrases within hardness and microhardness testing. This way, the website can be used as an educational platform for both experienced and new hardness testing professionals.

NewAge’s hardness testing platform can be visited by clicking this link.

Pico Waveform Parameter Measurement Tool

Pico Technology has introduced the DeepMeasure analysis tool. Included as standard with PicoScope 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Series oscilloscopes, DeepMeasure performs automatic measurement of waveform parameters on up to a million successive waveform cycles. Results can be sorted, analyzed and correlated with the waveform display.

Oscilloscopes with deep capture memory, such as the PicoScope 3000 Series (512 MSamples) and 6000 Series (2 GSamples) can capture waveforms with thousands of waveform cycles, at full sampling speed with each triggered acquisition. DeepMeasure returns a table of results that includes every waveform cycle captured in the memory. Ten waveform parameters are included in the first version of the tool and over a million results of each parameter can be collected.

For more information, visit Pico’s website.

Tektronix OTT Monitoring Solution

Tektronix has released a set of video-on-demand (VOD) and live OTT monitoring solutions that allow broadcasters and other video content distributors using cloud, virtual or physical networks to ensure that the content they are delivering to customers is good quality.

The OTT monitoring product for live content, based on the Sentry platform, provides monitoring and diagnostics anywhere along a modern media workflow, from cloud ingest through to content delivery networks (CDNs). With support for Microsoft's PlayReady digital rights management (DRM) technology, Sentry offers video quality experience and picture quality analysis on encrypted networks.

Using Tektronix’s Aurora file-based QC, broadcasters can verify the correct encoding for all ABR profiles and ensure their packaging is error-free and aligned for an optimal viewing experience. They can also use Aurora's perceptual video quality tests to reveal any encoding issues, and alignment features ensure smooth transitions between different representations for viewers.

For more information, visit Tektronix’s website.

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