Toshiba Launches ARM Cortex-M0 Core Based Microcontrollers
Staff posted on September 29, 2015 |
Toshiba launches three new microcontrollers with Built-in USB device controllers.
Toshiba: ARM Cortex-M0 core based microcontroller

Toshiba: ARM Cortex-M0 core based microcontroller "TMPM067FWQG" with built-in USB device controller

Toshiba Corporation recently announced the launch of three new microcontrollers “TMPM066FWUG”, “TMPM067FWQG” and “TMPM068FWXBG” as the latest additions to its ARM Cortex-M0 core based “TX00 series.” 

The new devices support various serial interface functions, including USB, SPI[1]and I2C[2] (Fast Mode Plus[3] ) and can function as a sensor hub transferring multiple sensor information to a main controller device or PC. In order to meet market demand for smaller systems, all three devices are housed in small packages: BGA package 5 mm×5 mm with 57-pin external connection pins; QFN package 7 mm×7 mm with 48-pin external connection pins; and QFP package 10 mm×10 mm with 64-pin external connection pins. With the built-in USB device controller, incorporating the ICs as sub-microcontrollers to non-USB devices allows implementation of new USB applications.

The new ICs are optimized for use in USB devices. Sample shipments will start in the middle of October this year.

Key Features:

  • ARM Cortex-M0 core. Maximum frequency: 24MHz
  • Built-in USB device controller
  • Small-pin packages:
    • QFN48-pin (7 mm×7 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
    • VFBGA57-pin (5 mm×5 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
    • LQFP64-pin (10 mm×10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
  • Multiple serial interface function: SPI, I2C (Fast-mode Plus), etc.
  • Bit-banding


  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Digital equipment
  • Industrial controllers
  • Office automation equipment
  • Sensor hubs


[1]SPI: Serial Peripheral Interface, a data communication standard.
[2]I2C: Inter-Integrated Circuit, a data communication standard.
[3]Fast-mode Plus: a communication standard specified by I2C, with a transfer rate of up to 1Mbps.

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