The company’s wind turbines will power hydrogen production for green energy. More >>


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The cost of wind power is reduced with robotic cleaning, inspection, and repair. More >>


New batteries developed at the University of Michigan can be built into the structure of robots. More >>


New research combines the best of both solid-state and liquid-state batteries. More >>


Batteries must be recycled to ensure a domestic supply chain and safely dispose of hazardous waste. More >>


The Ping Monitor analyzes sound patterns to detect damaged turbine blades. More >>


GE will provide Cypress turbines for a 68.9 MW wind farm in Lithuania. More >>


Siemens to produce hydrogen using electricity from wind farms. More >>


Perovskite solar cells have lower carbon footprints and shorter energy payback periods than silicon. More >>


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Exro optimizes motors for both torque and speed by changing motor wiring on the fly. More >>


The wireless Avalon CL Pod and Patch can reduce unnecessary physical interactions. More >>


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