Engineering students’ capstone project could provide communication support in disaster zones. More >>


Tips and a checklist for a complete, dynamic application. More >>


Alabama Astrobotics competed this week at Cape Canaveral, Florida with record setting run in NASA's ... More >>


Many ambitious and talented engineers don’t feel they have the time to pursue a master’s degree. More >>


Long-term field study by UMass Amherst finds female mentors help students foster belonging and confi... More >>


Students can win $25,000 to $100,000 for university through the math, science and technology researc... More >>


Larger companies could attract new workers as U.S. college and university graduates pivot toward tra... More >>


New study shows STEM jobs are highest paid, with entry-level salaries surpass pre-recession levels. More >>


The Dassault Systèmes U.S. Foundation aims to improve education and research with 3D technology. More >>


Stanford researchers found that students employing a strategic approach to the use of study resource... More >>


University of Wisconsin is bringing together engineers, biologists and agronomists to improve crops ... More >>


Mechanical and biomedical engineering students at Carnegie Mellon win Life in Space design challenge... More >>


Student debt affects the health and focus of young employees. More >>


University-led research could lead to advanced wing designs, shape-changing aircraft and smart air t... More >>


University of Maryland’s new Master of Engineering degree in Additive Manufacturing begins Fall 2017... More >>


Why engineers may be the key to solving cybercrime. More >>


New website collects student opportunities in engineering and STEM including internships, fellowship... More >>


Want to model solutions to a problem, but there isn’t a tool that fits quite right? Build your own! More >>


UCF and Siemens Unveil state-of-the-art lab to turn students into digital grid tech experts. More >>


The rapid pace of advancements in wireless technology, digital records and information security dema... More >>


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