The creator of Makey Makey is back with a gaming console that teaches you to code. More >>


A few months ago, Simon Grabowski started working on assembling 3D printers. Today, he creates tools... More >>


Forty four teams competed in the ASME Student Design Competition. More >>


Women in STEM fields are not a new phenomenon. More >>


The Berkeley team is raising money for the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. More >>


FIRST Robotics unveiled their 2019 competition on January 5, for high school students around the wor... More >>


RoboSpace developed new platform to teach robotics and coding to kids. More >>


Teams from six countries competed at IMECE for the Student Design Competition World Finals More >>


Wired is a free video game that teaches the fundamentals of electrical engineering (with minimal the... More >>’s Dan Hedges had the opportunity to sit down with Lockheed Martin’s Communications M... More >> discusses growing and embracing technology with TV host, author and science educator... More >>


A network of solar-powered buoys monitors the Great Lakes, providing data for researchers and scienc... More >>


Duke University's engineering students designed and built a fuel cell vehicle that can travel eight ... More >>


Do engineers and technical professionals with advanced degrees feel greater job satisfaction? More >>


Don Martin of Chevron’s Fab Lab Intermediate Unit 1 recently sat down with Dan Hedges to discuss how... More >>


Science educator talks about using hands-on science demonstrations to engage young students in STEM ... More >>


Marine biologist, science communicator and television show host is convinced STEM students will shap... More >>


Scientist educator uses high-energy edutainment performances to teach STEM fundamentals to underrepr... More >>


NASA aims to be the architect of a global space exploration endeavor, and will rely on STEM experts ... More >>


Educational charity produces ultra-affordable computers to enable young people to unleash their crea... More >>


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