Where can you get a Masters of Engineering Management?
Online and on campus Masters of Engineering Management Programs

The Masters of Engineering Management table set out below is based on interviews and surveys with program directors of the respective schools.  This directory is a reference guide for students interested in pursuing a Masters of Engineering Management.

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Based on the research, some patterns have started to emerge.


When can you start a Masters of Engineering Management?
Many schools require students to start at the beginning of a term. This isn't surprising as many schools offer their online programs in addition to on-campus. As both programs include structured discussions and projects, a structured timeline is imperative.

Tuition for your Masters Program
Some programs can be quite affordable with tuition ranging between $15,000-25,000 over 2-4 years. However, almost as many schools are pricier at $40,000 - $60,000 over a 1-3 year period.

What else you need to submit
The minimum GPA for acceptance hovers around 3.0.  and all schools require you to submit transcripts and reference letters.  However, not all schools require an essay or resume. Those that do tend to also require 2 years of experience.

Of interest is that the majority of schools do not require a GRE for admission although most require a TOEFL if you reside outside the USA or Canada.


  • Delivery: defines how students access the content.
  • GRE: if a student must submit a GRE score, minimum requirement listed when known.
  • TOEFL: if a student must submit a TOEFL score, minimum requirement listed when known.
  • Grade Records: if a student must supply transcripts.
  • Essay: if the application process requires an essay.
  • CV: if the application process requires a resume.
  • Ref. Letters: if the application process requires reference letters.
  • Other: other application requirements.
  • Ave. Finish (Yrs.): the time that most students take to complete all the requirements. Time may vary.
  • Tuition (USD$): the amount of money the student will spend on the education assuming they do not have to repeat a class.
  • Start Date: When the student can start the program.

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