Entries for September 2015

IMSA Student Develops Two New Algorithms to Identify Quasars
Pranav Sivakumar won the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award at the 2015 Google Science Fair for his work ...
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Online Educational Resource for Passive Electronic Components
KEMET Corp. launches Engineering Center for electronic component blogs, seminars, tools and library.
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NSF in $3.5M Project to Create Simulation and Big Data Resource
NSF and U Michigan to address scale limitations of supercomputers and big data with HPC.
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Maplesoft Looks to Solve Online Proctoring Problem
The pros and cons of online education testing and proctoring.
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GoBox Teaches Coding and Robotics on a Monthly Basis
Kickstarter for Raspberry Pi robotics platform brings users new sensor and programming lessons.
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Talking Scientific Calculator for Visually Impaired STEM Students
Fully-accessible multi-line scientific calculator provides functionality and enhances learning.
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