Entries for June 2014

Solar House Shows Efficiency in Collaboration
Students from engineering, architecture and art and design combine to create a different take on sus...
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Insight Launches Online Resource for Education Community at ISTE 2014
Launch of "Insight ON: Education" and Expansion of Technology in Education Team Highlights Growing C...
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Is an Online Masters in Mechanical Engineering Right for You?
Penn State World Campus student talks about his experiences in their online Masters in Mechanical En...
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New Research Proves Gender Bias Extraordinarily Prevalent in Stem Careers
Columbia Business School experiments show that hiring managers chose men twice as often for careers ...
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Built for Baja. Engineering students play dirty.
SAE Baja competition balances design with fun.
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Making STEM Fun Georgia Tech, GE encourage girls’ interest in STEM
A camp at Georgia Institute of Technology designed to encourage middle school girls to explore scien...
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How to Choose Your Online Masters School
Advice from real masters of engineering management graduates and students.
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ACT Will Offer Enhancements to ACT Test to Improve Readiness and Help Students Plan for Success
New Elements Include STEM Score, Career Readiness Indicator, and an Enhanced Writing Test
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Inaugural Project Management Symposium Draws Capacity Crowd
Baltimore-Washington region’s first-ever Project Management Symposium.
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