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Master’s Degree in Space Systems Engineering Lifts Off at Johns Hopkins University
"currently accepting applications for this program for the fall 2014 term"
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Mike Rowe Suggests a Solution for the Skills Gap
Dirty Jobs star says re-think, retrain and get an old school work ethic.
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Drexel University Opens New Engineering Management Department and Systems Engineering Program
Which is best for you: Engineering/Project/Construction/Property Management or Systems Engineering?
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A Masters in Project Management Keeps the Promotions Coming
University of Maryland Director John Cable discusses the advantages of a degree in project managemen...
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US2020 Selects Top Seven Cities to Receive STEM Mentorship Support
New organization focuses on personal interaction to generate interest in STEM.
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Siemens Recognized for Supporting Diversity through STEM Education
Siemens’ PLM Software Business in HBCU Engineering Schools List of Top Supporters for 12th Con...
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New Educational Institute Seeks to Cross-train Engineers
Carnegie Mellon programs combine engineering, design and business
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Bill Nye Wants our Future Generations to Run the Economy with Science Literacy
Bill Nye the Science Guy, CEO of The Planetary Society, talks about the importance of science litera...
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Lockheed Martin CTO talks Job and Tech Trends
Dr. Ray Johnson expresses the importance of a broad engineering base, robotics, and advanced manufac...
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