Entries for March 2013

Higher pay, but fewer students = failing grades for North American STEM program

Conference board issues report card on engineering students According to the report, the USA scored... More >>
Invention Studio – the Maker Movement at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech has a hands-on space for engineers of all disciplines and years to build cool projects.... More >>
Promising engineering careers in energy and mining

A new report this week demonstrates that engineering students in energy and mining can expect to hav... More >>
UK’s Big Bang Fair gets mixed reviews

Last week the UK's biggest engineering science fair attracted 65,000 students aged 7-19 to the large... More >>
2013 Dyson Design awards now accepting entries

To enter the Dyson Awards, you’ve got to design something useful. There’s £30,000... More >>
Concrete Toboggans Teach Serious Engineering Lessons
Concrete Toboggans Teach Serious Engineering Lessons
More >>
Why Pursue an Engineering Education?

Dr. Chuck Vest is the President of the National Academy of Engineering and former President of MIT. ... More >>

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