Entries for January 2015

Can a Biopolymer that Restores Football Glove Stickiness Make the Difference in the Super Bowl?
Chemical & Bio-molecular Engineers develop a quick-dry sticky polymer.
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Klein Bots team 3735 from Klein Texas compete in FIRST Robotics Recycle Rush

The Klein Bots from Klein, Texas have a mission to create robots for competition and help to create ... More >>
New Method for Analyzing Bird Flight Could Revolutionize Drones
Stanford’s biomimicry analysis of bird lift might be a stepping-stone to camouflaged drones.
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TROBO - storytelling robot sparks interest in STEM fields
Plush robot reads stories out loud to young children, teaches about science and engineering.
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Apply for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Scholarship
SME family scholarship winners can receive as much as $70,000.
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Can We Mimic Enzymes with Electrostatic Fields?
Stanford researchers find electrostatic fields responsible for the majority of enzyme functions.
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Free 3D CAE Simulation Software for Students
SimScale releases web-based 3D engineering simulation software.
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President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron announce cybersecurity competition with CSAIL
MIT, British students to face off in “Cambridge v. Cambridge” event this fall.
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Duluth East Daredevils, Team 2512, competes in 2015 FIRST Robotics

Timothy Velner was a curriculum specialist when he initially heard about FIRST robotics, and he knew... More >>
Program Directors Win Education Award for Engineering Leadership Graduate Program
The National Academy of Engineering announces their 2015 Gordon Education Prize.
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