Apply for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Scholarship
Shawn Wasserman posted on January 22, 2015 |

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers education foundation (SME-EF)  is currently accepting scholarship applications for the 2015-2016 school year. The scholarships are meant to provide for students who wish to study manufacturing engineering or a related field. Applications will be accepted until February 1st.

Brian Ruestow, President of the SME Education Foundation said, “For more than 30 years the SME Education Foundation has worked with partners and organizations to develop and fund its various scholarship programs that have had a strong impact on thousands of students and manufacturing professionals … The scholarships provide dedicated and deserving students with the extra funding needed to complete their studies and successfully transition from academia into the workforce.”

Both high school seniors and undergraduate students who are related to SME members are eligible for the SME Family scholarship. However, these students must also be looking to pursue a career in manufacturing engineering technology, manufacturing engineering or a related field. Additionally, applicants can only reside within Canada or the US.

The SME also offers over 50 other scholarships. These various scholarships are available to high school seniors, undergraduates and graduate students pursuing engineering and manufacturing degrees. For a full list follow this link.

When applying for scholarships it is a good plan to research previous winners and compare notes. This will help to improve your chances of success in your application. To look into other SME scholarship winners follow this link. Good Luck!

Source SME.

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