Free 3D CAE Simulation Software for Students
Shawn Wasserman posted on January 20, 2015 |
SimScale releases web-based 3D engineering simulation software.

The SimScale Academic Program is now offering academic resources for faculty and students around the world. These resources are designed to foster the growth of CAE simulation education. After registering, students will have free access to SimScale’s web-based simulation platform from any web ready device.

The academic program also offers registrant benefits like training, contests, rankings, rewards, incentives and publishing. The first contest is open for submissions until January 31st, 2015. The challenge is to capture an impressive screenshot based on the tutorials, online libraries, or personal projects available in the academic program.

David Heiny, co-founder of SimScale said, “We believe that simulation should be a standard tool for technical product development, not reserved just for simulation experts, but for a wide range of different industries and applications. We believe that the SimScale Academic Program will help to make students become more familiar with simulation right from the beginning of their studies by simplifying the way how simulation is taught and learned at educational institutions around the globe. Students now can access our powerful engineering simulation platform, for free, anytime, anywhere simply via a web-browser.”

The academic program will also expand simulation into professions beyond traditional engineering FEA and CFD experts. To that end, Hannover Medical School is assisting SimScale, as an academic partner, to expand the use of simulation in the biomedical and regenerative engineering fields.

This cooperation will lead to a biomedical engineering and science simulation course that will open in Spring 2015. The course will be available to various STEM students including biomedical engineers, scientists and medical students. The use of simulation in medicine will allow for patient specific treatments such as customized valves based on CT scans.

Dr. Sotiris Korossis, Director of Biomedical Engineering at Hannover Medical School said, “We are very excited to be in full collaboration with SimScale and have the SimScale simulation platform fully available to our undergraduate, postgraduate and research students … Having simulation tools available anytime, remotely, will open up the world of exciting technology to the next generation of physicians and biomedical professionals.”

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