What does it take to get into a Master of Engineering Management School?
Shawn Wasserman posted on March 13, 2014 |
Survey sheds light on Admissions standards

GRE admission requirements.
If you are considering a Master of Engineering Management “MEM” program, you might be wondering what criteria the admissions departments look for. Results from ENGINEERING.com’s survey shows that although academics is important, the majority of the admissions requirements have more to do with your experience.

Of the schools surveyed, over 65% do not ask for your GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) results, although some schools will recommend it. Those schools that do ask for a GRE typically want to see a score over 160 or even 165. The admissions departments understand that their target audience for a Masters of Engineering Management is working professionals.  Those candidates typically want to improve their future job prospects, or learn tools to better operate in their current position.  However, they may not have time to practice and study for a standardized test.

TOEFL admission requirements.

On the other hand, over 80% of schools will ask for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Based on those surveyed, expect to see minimum acceptable scores from 80 – 120.

Academics are not ignored - all schools will ask for your transcripts. Most do not have a “best before date” for your school transcripts, but don’t be shocked to see one. Furthermore, expect to see GPA requirements above 2.75 or 3.0.

Resume admission requirements.

The most important admission criteria in most cases seems to be your professional experience. Most of the universities surveyed ask for a minimum of two years of experience, but they prefer candidates with more, ideally up to 5 years under their belts. It is therefore not surprising that over 90% of the schools ask for your resume and EVERY school surveyed asks you to supply letters of reference.

As for these letters of reference, you may be asked to supply both academic and business references. This can be difficult for candidates who have been out of school for a few years. If it’s not too late, it may be worthwhile to keep the networks with your professors open.

Essay admission requirements.

Finally, 75% of the schools surveyed ask candidates to complete an essay as part of their application process. For engineering managers, communication is key, so it makes sense that schools make written communication an admission requirement.

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