’s Masters of Engineering Management Directory
Shawn Wasserman posted on February 11, 2014 |

Please note that the Masters of Engineering Management directory has been replaced by the Masters Discovery tool.

Over the past few months, has been collecting a great amount of data and performed many interviews working towards the debut of our Masters of Engineering Management (MEM) directory.

The directory itself will act as a quick reference guide to the information engineers will need to help facilitate the decision of which school is best for their MEM studies. The information included spans admission requirements, course delivery methods, completion time, possible start dates and total tuition.

Currently, the directory consists of 14 schools which have filled out our surveys for data collection. Of these schools, nine have agreed to interviews which can also be accessed from the directory.

Each interview page goes more in-depth, looking at a school’s pros and cons. These pages will also act as portals to various other articles about what each school is up too. These other articles will span from general research, to ground breaking discoveries, to student accounts of their studies.

Many other websites like USNews will rank schools, which is important of course. However, some students will want to see the raw data for themselves and make their own judgements. That is what this directory is intended to fulfill. It will not rank the schools; rather it will inform potential students about them.

The directory will be updated on a regular basis as information becomes available. For suggestions on how to improve the directory, please add in the comments below.

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