Half of all engineers are considering additional training
John Hayes posted on June 06, 2013 |

According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index, nearly half (49%) of Engineering professionals in the U.S.A. and Canada feel the need to acquire new skills.  The top area where engineers feel they are lacking is in Lean Six Sigma followed by such technical skills as systems, computer and software (47%), 3D solid modeling (44%) and automation and robotics (42%).

That is translating into continuing education for the profession, with 47% of the respondents saying that they are actively pursuing additional education or are considering doing so.

When asked why they feel the need for more training, the engineers responded that opportunities in their current workplace are the primary drivers, followed by opportunities at other companies. 

The Kelly Global Workforce Index is an annual global survey that includes more than 122,000 respondents.  The results presented in this post represent engineers in North America only.  

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