Business and Academia partner in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
John Hayes posted on April 01, 2013 | 3524 views

Stevens Institute of Technology and Langan Engineering & Environmental Services to assist with flood studies and coastal protection.

Hurricane Sandy was bad for a lot of reasons. It was much broader than typical hurricanes. It hit during a high tide, and farther north than where hurricane protection typically occurs. And Sandy landed in an area of high population density.

Stevens Institute of Technology is located in Hoboken NJ, and was directly affected by the storm. The school’s unique location on the banks of the Hudson also have played a role in it becoming a world-leader in maritime engineering.

Over the years, many of its alumni have joined the civil and environmental engineering firm Langan Engineering. So after the storm, representatives from the Langan and Stevens got together to share expertise to reduce the risk associated with future storms.

According to the President of Langan, "Sea level rise is a real threat to waterfront property owners and future development along rivers, oceans and bays."

One of the team’s immediate goals is to help stakeholders better understand the impact of a new series of Advisory Based Flood Maps issued by FEMA for the New York and New Jersey shorelines.

The technical expertise derived from the partnership should also be applicable to storm surges along the eastern seaboard and along the California coast.

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