Engineering Executive Master's Programs are Designed for Working Professionals
Meghan Brown posted on May 26, 2017 |

Many ambitious and talented engineers don’t feel they have the time to pursue a master’s degree, especially engineers who are working full time.

Master’s degree programs which are offered online, in whole or in part, can be the answer. As an example, the University of Texas at Austin offers a program called Engineering Executive Education which offers four executive master’s degree programs:

  • Engineering Management, for technical leaders to build experience in management, business and finances
  • Mechanical Engineering, to develop industry knowledge for innovative problem solving
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, for advanced training in specialized areas of the field, new technologies and software platforms
  • Software Engineering, to learn the tools to develop advanced software systems

These programs are designed to deliver the same rigorous education as a traditional Master’s degree, but are tailored to meet the needs of working engineering professionals who have busy careers, family obligations and social lives. These programs are available fully online, or in combination with time spent on campus.

“There are so many ambitious, talented engineers out there who don’t feel they have the time to pursue a master’s degree, but our programs can be their answer,” said Eric Roe, executive director of TxEEE. “At our most recent alumni event, so many of our new graduates told us how the program allowed them to advance their career while maintaining their job and family life balance. In fact, one student and his wife celebrated the birth of their second child while he was earning his Master’s.”

These master’s degree programs maintain high academic rigor with flexible delivery that today’s engineers demand. Engineering who want to pursue their education also have the option of individual courses and professional development courses, without the commitment of a full degree program.

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