Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation Offers Professional Learning Opportunities
Meghan Brown posted on December 02, 2016 |
New programs offer professional development and training opportunities for woman engineers working i...

The Women in Manufacturing organization can be a useful connection for young women in engineering and the technical fields who are studying manufacturing at college and university, or looking to pursue professional development training and opportunities.

The organization also offers student memberships, which gives access to programming, events and networking opportunities across the country that can help female engineering students in their schooling, internships and their future careers.

The organization's newest endeavor is the recently announced launch of the Women in Manufacturing Education Foundation (WiMEF), which aims to provide women in the manufacturing industries with access to affordable and effective educational opportunities. This supports the organization's goal of empowering industry women by assisting them in their professional development.

“Success in the modern manufacturing sector requires specific skills and expertise,” shared Allison Grealis, president and founder of WiM. “WiM’s new Education Foundation will enable us to offer a variety of industry-specific opportunities to our more than 650 members. Through the foundation, we will work diligently to develop and deliver high-impact programming, as well as establish beneficial educational partnerships.”

The foundation’s launch builds on WiM’s support for women working in the manufacturing sector. For example, in 2015 WiM partnered with Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management to produce a first-of-its-kind executive education program designed specifically for women in manufacturing.

WiM also offers a Virtual Learning Series, a bimonthly webinar series for continuous education. WiM programs such as these which are already operational, and other programs that are currently in development, will all be supported through the new foundation.

For more information on student membership and educational opportunities, visit the Women in Manufacturing website.

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