Engineers Without Borders USA Receives Grant to Train Future Engineers
Meghan Brown posted on November 02, 2016 |

The Engineers Without Borders organization is one of the most well-known engineering non-profits, with chapters across the country and around the world. The organization works to improve communities through engineering, involving engineers at every level, from engineering students to experienced professionals.

One EWB’s core tenets is to encourage engineering education by supporting and training the next generation of engineers.

To that end, Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) recently announced a multi-year grant-making partnership with the newly formed Arconic Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Arconic Inc.

The inaugural grant is a USD $300,000-investment that will be used to support Engineers Without Borders (EWB) organizations around the world so they can strengthen and promote engineering education and help equip the next generation of engineers and innovators.

Currently, more than 1,000 students are targeted to complete the EWB programs by 2020, and will participate in projects throughout the US and Canada, the UK, Mexico, Brazil and Europe.  

This educational program’s goal is to ensure that current and future engineers have the skills to conceive of, coordinate, manage and lead global-level engineering projects. EWB-USA aims to identify critical education experiences for engineering students and develop a blueprint of the skills they will need.

Individual EWB organizations will use the grants for fieldwork and online courses to aid students and young professionals in developing their skills in leadership, project management, communication, systems thinking and community engagement.

Students involved in some of the programs will also have access to international work and project opportunities, valuable experience for these young engineers.

 “We regularly witness the profound impact highly skilled students and young professionals can have in some of the world’s most challenged areas,” said Cathy Leslie, executive director of EWB-USA. “The Foundation’s investment in our mission is reflective of our shared values to build a better world.”

Esra Ozer, president of the Arconic Foundation, added, “Partnering with Engineers Without Borders reflects the vision and values of Arconic and the mission of Arconic Foundation – to support a future of breakthrough innovation. And it all starts with engineering. On this, our first day as a new company, with a new focus, we could not be prouder to support an organization that so closely mirrors our priorities.”

For more information about EWB-USA, and how you can get involved, visit the EWB-USA website.

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